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March 13, 2015

Celebrate Pi Day with Lumia and Windows Phone

The mathematical constant Pi (3.1415 and in Greek, it’s“π”) is the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter and tomorrow, March 14, is the annual commemoration of Pi Day. Let’s have some Lumia fun celebrating the most famous ratio in mathematics.

While simple in concept, pi is famous in part because it’s an “irrational number.”

As this explanation states: “Computer scientists have calculated billions of digits of pi, starting with 3.141
59265358979323…, but because no recognizable pattern emerges in the succession of its digits, we could continue calculating the next digit, and the next, and the next, for millennia.”


Pi also exists in the natural world, everywhere you see a circle, such as the pupil of the eye or the concentric rings that travel outward when you throw a stone into a pond. So in homage to Pi day tomorrow–3.14.15–here are some ways to celebrate with the help of Lumia and Windows Phone.

Xbox Music Pass: $31.41

On Pi Day only, you can purchase an Xbox Music Pass for $31.41 (regular price: $99). This offer is available for new subscriptions and renewals; get your pass at a Microsoft Store or online.


Einstein Brain Trainer (special introductory price: $1.49)

Get the gray matter moving! This app’s daily fitness tests and 30 specially designed brain-stimulation exercises are based on the research of well-known neuroscientist Ryuta Kawashima.

New for Windows Phone, the exercise categories for Einstein Brain Trainer include logic, memory, calculation and vision. The app can be used by the whole family and features single and multiple-player mode.


Digital Gift Cards with the Pi Day theme

Download the free Digital Cards app to find gift cards just for Pi Day. From “Math rocks” to “Happy Birthday, Albert Einstein!” the colorful cards can be redeemed for Windows Phone apps, games and music.


Don’t wait: These cards are only available for a limited time–but at least for 3.14 days.

How will you celebrate Pi Day?