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March 13, 2015

Your voice matters: Join the conversation with Disqus

For some, simply reading the news or a favorite blog isn’t enough. Commenting on a story is the easiest way to get involved and for that, there’s the recently updated Disqus app for Windows Phone.

Disqus has been growing strong since 2007 and is used by millions of websites so people can discuss (hence the name) topics close to their heart, with brands, community members and anybody else willing to engage.


Exclusively available on Windows Phone, the Disqus app is ideal if you’re away from your PC and only have your Lumia on hand. It helps you stay part of a conversation, no matter where you are.

Having undergone a recent update, the Disqus app features easy-to-follow feeds to show you the latest activities from the communities or individuals that you follow within Disqus.

If somebody likes what you’ve got to say, they may give you an up vote (think thumbs-up) or follow you. You’ll see these updates in your Inbox feed.

Disqus’ main aim is to connect help communities get together, and the Discover feed is perfect for this. By browsing through the different active channels or topics you’ll soon find a story or topic you’ll want to participate in. And you can, right within the app.

Have a regular site you often comment on? Pin it to your Start screen for one-tap access.


We have been using Disqus here on Conversations for a few years now, and you’ll find the Disqus-enabled comments section at the bottom of this post. Go ahead and leave a comment if you like – using the app!

After a quick catch-up with Ryan Valentin, software engineer at Disqus, he told us:

“Lumia Conversations has so far been the most-followed community in the Disqus app. Nearly 7,500 users have followed it since the app was re-released 3 months ago.”

With plenty of updates to come over the months and years, Ryan gave a nod to those already on board:

“The Windows Phone community is really involved. We’ve gotten plenty of input on what would make the product better and have definitely applied it in many places”.

Tell us what you think about the app in the comments section, below. Alternatively, download the app and try it from there.