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March 15, 2015

Our 5 favourite new Windows Phone apps of the week

It’s been a busy week for us, with tons of new apps popping up in the Windows Phone Store for us to try out and tinker around with. And we’re loving every minute of it!

And we think you’re going love trying out these new apps just as much as we did. This week’s fave five are sure to intrigue, inspire, and most importantly, entertain. But what did we choose? Read on to find out.


What is it: a contact management app

Why we love it: Onyu isn’t like other contact management apps in that you control and update your contact information, rather than the other way around. The free app gives you a central location to store your details which you can then share with whoever you wish, so you’ll no longer have to bother with sending everyone your new email address or phone number. Multiple profiles (such as work and family) let you share certain details only with those that need it, and client-side encryption ensures that your details are completely safe. The UI is clean and easy on the eyes, and there’s even a handy messaging function.

Who it’s perfect for: anyone frustrated with sending the same contact details over and over



What is it: a Yik Yak client

Why we love it: College students, rejoice! Yodel brings Yik Yak to your Lumia (Windows 8.1 only), so you can finally join in on the shenanigans. Yik Yak is an anonymous message board that is location-based, letting users within a 5 mile radius post messages (or “yaks”) and upvote/downvote other messages. In addition to posting and reading messages, Yodel lets you view the top yaks in your area and peek at popular yaks from other areas. More updates will be coming soon, including “peek anywhere” and customized colors.

Who it’s perfect for: it might be more popular with college students, but anyone can yak




What is it: a Microsoft Band customizer

Why we love it: If you have a Microsoft Band, Fanband is a cool way to customize your band with the colors of your favorite sports team, TV show, or video game. The themes currently offered in the app are mainly sports-related, but there’s an option to request specific themes which will then be added fairly quickly. Fanband currently costs $0.99, but we think that’s a pretty good deal to be able proudly display your team.

Who it’s perfect for: Microsoft Band users and sports fans



Fedora Reader

What is it: an RSS feed reader

Why we love it: Fedora Reader is not only fast and wonderfully minimalistic, but it has some great features that are sure to make you smile. You can add your own feeds or choose from curated lists, making sure you get the content that you want, as well as mark articles as Favorite for future reading (or re-reading). With Fedora Reader, you can read the entire article in-app, with an option to read in the browser if you want. Best of all, it’s free, so if you’re looking for something to replace the much-loved Weave, give it a try.

Who it’s perfect for: anyone looking for a new RSS reader

Fedora Reader


Xim (update)

What is it: a photo sharing app

Why we love it: Xim is an old favorite that lets you share your photos, not your phone. It works by letting you “xim” photos from your camera roll or other services to friends’ phones (or to the big screen via Xbox One) so that they can view on their own device, even if they don’t have the app. Ximmed photos usually only hang around for a little while before disappearing, but now we have the option to save photos and caption them. Pretty cool!

Who it’s perfect for: photo sharers around the world

Xim app


Did this week’s selection do it for you? Let us know in the comments what you think of our favorite 5, or fill us in on one of your own top apps from the week.

Image credit: David Bleasdale