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March 17, 2015

Calculate your income taxes with these Windows Phone apps

Get a head start on the tax season with these handy apps for your Lumia smartphone.

For our readers in USA, India and the UK, the annual deadline to file your income taxes is almost here. Don’t get overworked while figuring out your taxes–these Windows Phone apps will make the process easier.

UK Salary Calculator (free)

uk tax copy

Readers in the UK can use the UK Salary Calculator app to calculate tax deductions for the 2014 tax year. Use the app’s simple and effective calculator to work out your take-home salary in the timelines preferred: yearly, monthly, weekly, four-weekly, daily or even hourly.

Under the settings option, you can also change “hours per week” or “days per week” to log additional jobs. The app also takes into account your age, contributions made towards your pension, student loans, and other financial responsibilities to calculate how much you owe.

TaxCaster (free)

taxcaster copy

A comprehensive and powerful tax calculator from the makers of TurboTax, the TaxCaster app offers those in the U.S.  a quick estimate of their 2014 tax refund.

Start by adding info such as your business income and any other income and pension distributions to the “your income” option, while the “tax breaks” lets you input education loans, mortgage interest and any other deductions such as medical expenses.

IncomeTax (free)

indian tax copy

For those of you living in India, use the IncomeTax app to solve your tax woes. The app offers an easy-to-use interface and calculates your taxes.

Begin by inputting your gender and your gross salary details. There is also an option to fill detailed figures by tapping the “see details” option under categories such as “income from other sources” or “income from house property.”

IncomeTax also takes into account medical bills, rent allowance, house loans and scope for different savings options in the Indian tax structure and lets you manually enter these figures.

Once you have inputted the requisite details, you are greeted with “tax calculations,” telling you the amount of tax that needs to be paid. There is also an option to save or e-mail the calculations.

Mint (free)


Reviewed by the tech press as one of the best apps to manage money, Mint puts all your personal finance accounts into one place, letting you plan your money from anywhere.

Whether it is making a list of your next purchases or calculating how much you spent last month, let Mint be your one-stop shop for handling your finances. It pulls in your personal finance accounts (U.S. and Canadian financial institutions only) and shows this essential information right on your Start screen.

The password-protected Mint app also lets you track your spending, create a budget, and helps you hit your savings goals.

Toshl Finance (free)

tosh finance copy

Say hello to your personal finance manager: Toshl Finance.

You can track expenses in any currency, see at what times over a monthly period that you tend to spend the most and compare the spending with past months. The app lets you also set up a budget, visualize your finances with infographics, and more. In addition, you can export your data and keep away prying eyes by setting up a passcode for access.

Have you filed your taxes yet? Share with us if you use any other app to calculate your taxes.