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March 19, 2015

Make new friends on your Lumia with Nearby Live

Finding and making friends has never been easier thanks to Nearby Live, a location-aware social network.

For some people, making new friends can be difficult.

You may have recently moved into a new neighborhood where you know nobody and striking up a conversation with people you don’t know can be intimidating.

Thankfully, digital social networks are now commonplace and a legitimate way of meeting people.

Nearby Live_world stream

When you sign up with Nearby Live, one of the toggle switches you’ll need to flip is the “Location Services (GPS)” option. This is key to helping you connect with locals. The app won’t work without it.

Once you’ve registered, the “Nearby Stream” and “World Stream” timelines are the best places to find new friends. The “Nearby,” “Trending,” “Recent,” and “Following” timelines all list recent posts in order of most recently published.

If you post a comment, expect a reply on a public feed where anybody can interact and join the conversation. If you want to take that conversations away from prying eyes, you can use the message option.

Another standout feature is the option to join groups, or “Streams”. With the edit option, you can find people with specific interests.

For example, you can join the Windows Phone Users group and chat with any of the other 25,000 plus members about your favorite smartphone.


While Nearby Live is free to download and use, there is the option to spend money if you want to.

Upgrading to “Gold Membership” will remove the in-app ads, let you see who has viewed your profile, and highlight your profile using gold text, and more.

Try Nearby Live today and start meeting new, like-minded friends from your Lumia.

Are you making new friends?