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March 21, 2015

Rock on! How Song Arc is showcasing music’s newest talent

Put on your dancing gloves, because the #1 music game in the Windows Phone Store has made some changes that will be music to your ears.

With over 1.6 million downloads so far, SongArc is the go-to music game for Lumia lovers around the world, their fingers happily dancing and tapping to the beat of the music. And it’s easy to understand why — SongArc is an insanely addictive game that challenges you to test your rhythm by tapping colorful shapes as they fall in time to the music, immersing yourself in not only the beat, but the melody as well. You can play any song that you have in your library, choosing a community-created “sheet” that follows the song and guides your fingers, often taking into account drum beats, long notes, and melody. There are currently over 130,000 sheets to choose from, a number which is constantly going up.

Make your own music 

Feeling creative? You can also make your own choreography sheets that express your personal interpretation of your favorite songs and share them with the community. As SongArc’s founder András Velvárt tells us, “You get to fall in love with the music. Your entire brain is beating together with the music.”

And with a recent new update, SongArc has become even better. The new “Featured Artists” program lets you discover up-and-coming musicians from a wide variety of genres. The game currently features seven new artists from rock, ska, country, and even rockabilly, with more to come in the future. With such a diverse collection, you’re guaranteed to discover new music that you’ll absolutely love. Once you’ve found a song from a featured artist that really strikes a chord with you, you can either choose a sheet to play that has been specially choreographed by SongArc, or create your own. And best of all, songs by featured artists are free to play — you won’t need to purchase the song to get your fingers moving on the dance floor.


The super seven 

So who are the seven featured artists? András tells us that the amazing new line-up includes Southern California rock band RapScallions, known for the songs “California Brain” and “Can You Feel It.” Also in the program is singer/songwriter Wendy Starland, who has been named one of VH1’s “Best Emerging Artists” and honored by the Songwriter’s Hall of Fame for her hit song “Dancing With The Sea.” Not only is she an accomplished songwriter herself, but Starland is known for discovering someone you might already know and love: superstar Lady Gaga. With a little help from SongArc, fantastic artists such as these will have the opportunity to get some of the recognition that they deserve — and you get to enjoy their music while playing one of the most-loved games in the Windows Phone Store.

SongArc bands
Members of RapScallions with Wendy Starland and SongArc’s founder András Velvárt (middle)


Of course, that’s only a small sample of SongArc’s impressive new line-up of promising new artists — to find out who the other new featured musicians are, get your fingers ready for some serious dancing and check out SongArc and its new Featured Artists section on either your Windows Phone or tablet. We know you’ll be busy rocking out, but be sure to catch a short breather and let us know which of the new artists are your favorite!