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March 22, 2015

Our 5 favourite new Windows Phone apps of the week

Spring has officially sprung, bringing with it lots of exciting new apps fresh from the Windows Phone Store.

Don’t you just love springtime? A bit of warm sun, green grass starting to sprout, and of course, plenty of invigorating new apps for us to play with as the snow melts and the days get longer. To kick the season off right, we have a refreshing collection of the best new Windows Phone apps, which can do everything from create action figures for children to lull you to sleep with dreamy soundscapes. Let’s take a look!


What is it: an app for designing and printing 3D characters

Why we love it: Tinkerplay, the latest free release from design and engineering leader Autodesk, is a fun new app that will have you tinkering and playing for hours. The app lets you create characters using a drag-and-drop parts library or character templates, customizing aspects such as body part shape and surface texture to make your vision a reality. After you’ve perfected your character, you can bring it to life with easy 3D printing. Time to get creative!

Who it’s perfect for: Tinkerers, children, and creatives




What is it: a popular password manager

Why we love it: Many of us have been waiting for mSecure to arrive on Windows Phone, and it’s finally here. Now you can protect data such as account numbers, usernames, and passwords in the unfortunate case of losing your phone without needing to worry about private information getting into the wrong hands. The app has quite a few nice features, such as OneDrive sync support, self-destruct for wrong password guesses (optional), and multiple organizational features like search and templates. mSecure is currently $4.99, which is half off of the normal price.

Who it’s perfect for: anyone worried about sensitive information leaks



The Voice

What is it: the official app for The Voice TV show

Why we love it: Voting for your favorite artist competing on NBC’s popular television show The Voice has now just become a whole lot easier, letting you cast your vote when the show starts and and instantly save on results night. The free official app also includes features such as keeping up with your favorite artists through the season, social media sharing, tweeting coaches directly from the app, and suggesting songs.

Who it’s perfect for: The Voice fans

The Voice


Sleepy Sounds Pack

What is it: an ambient sounds app

Why we love it: Sleepy Sounds Pack offers a collection of ambient sounds such as rain, waves, and soft music that can help those that have trouble sleeping. The app lets you select from over 40 different calming sounds, which you can use alone or combine to create your own custom lullaby, and a handy timer function lets you choose how long the sounds will play. Sleepy Sounds Pack is free, with the option to remove ads for a small fee.

Who it’s perfect for: anyone looking to relax with ambient sounds

Sleepy Sounds Pack


OneDrive (update)

What is it: cloud storage

Why we love it: OneDrive has recently been updated with a feature that many Windows Phone users have been hoping for: a music locker. Now you can upload your music to OneDrive and listen to it via Xbox Music. You can add up to 50,000 songs, and Music Pass subscribers will get 100 GB of additional storage in OneDrive. The new feature is not available for Windows 8, iOS, or Android users, and is supported in select regions only. Here’s how to get started.

Who it’s perfect for: music lovers

OneDrive screenshot

Which of this week’s fantastic 5 are you planning to try out first? Let us know in the comments below, or let us know about one of your own appy finds from the week.