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March 24, 2015

Accessorise your Lumia and cover up

While our Lumia smartphones are already designed to look beautiful and built to last, there is the option to accessorise and add a cover.

With a varied selection of covers in stock, the Microsoft Store is the perfect place to make your purchase. Take a look at these:

Nokia Shell for Lumia 530 – £9.99


Of course, when you bought your Lumia 530 you loved your colour choice. However, moods and tastes can change, and so can your phone’s shell.

The interchangeable orange, green, or grey shells can be swapped with ease.

Flip Shell for Lumia 530 – £12.99


Want to protect your Lumia 530 a little further? Opt for a cover that wraps around the front, keeping the screen from harm.

Colour options are orange, green, and grey.

Shell for Lumia 630/635 – £12.99


Available in yellow, orange, green, black, and white, replacing the shell for the Lumia 630 and Lumia 635 is an easy way to make your device feel like new.

With a number of five star reviews, one happy customers shares:

“Colorful, Brighter, Strong, Durable and Soft! – I bought it with my Lumia 635 bundle. I am surprised the shell was so colorful and bright. I was totally satisfied with the way the shell was designed. It fits very well into my palm and soft!”

Wireless Charging Flip Shell for Lumia 830 – £19.99


Charging wirelessly is great, and very easy to get used to.

Forget fumbling for the wires. Instead, use a wireless charging shell on your Lumia 830, place your phone on a wireless charger (also available from the Microsoft Store or with IKEA’s wireless charging furniture range) and watch as the battery indicator begins to fill.

This shell also incorporates a flip cover to give the screen a little more protection – in green, orange, and black.

Wireless Charging Shell for Lumia 735 – £16.99


Here’s another case for wireless charging fans, but for those with a Lumia 735.

Easily fitted to your Lumia 735 and instantly adds extra functionality.

All you need to do is decide which colour you’d prefer: black, orange, or green?

Do you use a cover on your Lumia, or do you prefer the natural look? Let us know, below.