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March 25, 2015

Develop apps for the Microsoft Band with the SDK Developer Preview

Download the Microsoft Band SDK Developer Preview and start creating!

Microsoft has opened the gates for third-party developers to extend their existing apps or to build apps for the Microsoft Band, a cross-platform smart band that provides fitness and productivity benefits to empower you to live healthier and be more productive.

And, with the recently launched iOS SDK, developers have even more opportunities to develop across all platforms. Please check out the great work by Xamarin, which was able to simultaneously ship the iOS SDK along with Xamarin bindings for Android and iOS.


Visit the Microsoft Band SDK Developer Preview site, download the coding materials for Windows Phone, Android or iOS operating systems and develop exciting new apps for Microsoft Band today. Grab sample code and access additional resources such as release notes, guidelines on experience design, and documentation.

Use a range of sensors including heart rate, UV, accelerometer, gyroscope, and skin temperature, as well as fitness data, to design cutting-edge user experiences.


Besides access to sensors, the SDK Preview lets developers create and send notifications to the Microsoft Band’s tiles, and personalize and monetize by offering people different ways to customize their device.

Listen in: podcast with Ali Alvi, Microsoft Band SDK

Get the inside scoop on developing apps for the Microsoft Band by checking out this recent episode of the Windows Developer Show podcast, a podcast for Microsoft developers and enthusiasts. To go straight to the Microsoft Band interview, scroll to about minute 14 of the show, Episode 176 – “Hero Band.”

Ready to start? Visit our Microsoft Band SDK and let your creativity run wild.

What apps would you like to see for the Microsoft Band?