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March 30, 2015

#LumiaColor: 10 Clever Lumia Shots

For those of you in the Western Hemisphere, spring is here. That means sunshine, new life, and vivid color–the theme of these clever Lumia photos.

Before we begin our round-up, we must add that our selection of shots titled #LumiaColor is part of a fan-based competition organized by the good folks from Lumia Club India.

Take this example by sikanpixlr, wherein he describes a “war of colors,” albeit with a water gun. That’s Holi for you, the Indian festival of colors. Good use of Color Pop and a Lumia 520.

War of colours #Happy #Holi #igers #dedicated #colours #culture #fun #festival #India #Sikanphotoworks

A photo posted by Ardhendu Shekhar Mohanty (@sikanpixlr) on

This “Color Me Happy” portrait by lphelpsdawes captures the joy on this girl’s face. The powerful camera of the Lumia Icon ensures that the many colors really stand out.

When the colorful play ends, you are greeted with multi-hued scenes like this one, shot by kartikulations with a Lumia 920.

Colorful is the first word that comes to mind when you see this photo just like when you see the full range of sparking Lumias. Thank you, @mrmblue for making full use of your Lumia 1020.

Time to go parasailing? Here’s sanjaykseth and his version of a #colorpop style adventure. Giving him company on the ground and in the air is a Lumia 1020. Amazing or colorful? Both, we say.

_lcsilva, you make these pineapples so tempting. Are they as tasty as they are colorful? Nice job using Fantasia Painter Free and a Lumia 830.

What lies behind the blue door? phil707 captured this intriguing photo with a Lumia 920.

tiwaash calls this shot a “random experiment” and adds how the “Lumia 930 made it so easy” to capture. A well-timed splash of Color Pop taken with a Lumia 930.

What is this strange and creepy yet colorful creature? If you look closely, it’s the downy tufts of a dandelion. Nicely zoomed in with the Lumia 930, manishtiwari_

fotoclicker brings dinosaurs back into this world. Hard to believe that everything we see in this photo is not real, despite the colorful hues and action-packed sky. A great shot clicked with a Lumia 820.

A photo posted by Singh Saab (@fotoclicker) on

Which photo is your favorite? And if you haven’t already, please check out the  @MicrosoftLumiaUS and @MicrosoftLumia Instagram accounts for more Lumia images.