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April 5, 2015

Our 5 favourite new Windows Phone apps of the week

We hope you had a wonderful week filled with pranks and holiday candy, and plenty of down time spent with friends and family.

We spent our week not only searching for colorful eggs, but for the best new Windows Phone apps in the Windows Phone Store as well. And we think you’ll love the sweet things that we’ve got for you this week. Read on to find out what they are.

PayPal Here

What is it: mobile business payment app

Why we love it: PayPal Here lets you make payments with your Lumia, securely and easily. Businesses can accept credit and debit card payments in person, and get back-office management,as well as POS. There are no commitments or monthly fees, but there is a 2.7% transaction fee per US card swipe.

Who it’s perfect for: small businesses in the US

PayPal Here


Foxit Mobile PDF

What is it: a PDF reader

Why we love it: Foxit is both free and easy to use, letting you view and work with PDF documents on your Lumia. You can open PDF docs from SD card and internal memory, access on OneDrive, and read them in Single Page mode, Continuous Page mode, or Rotate View mode. PDF docs are searchable, easy to navigate by page or outline, and rotatable and zoomable for better viewing.

Who it’s perfect for: those looking for an easy to use PDF reader



Telescope for Periscope

What is it: a third-party Periscope app

Why we love it: Telescope makes Periscope,Twitter’s new live-streaming app, available to Windows Phone users. As of now you can only get in on the live stream fun by signing up for an account, following users, and viewing broadcasts, but the developers have plans to update Telescope in the future which will let you broadcast.

Who it’s perfect for: Twitter users and live streamers



Ultimate Torch

What is it: a flashlight app

Why we love it: There are plenty of flashlight apps in the store already, but Ultimate Torch is just different enough to make it stand out from the others. Ultimate Torch is easy to use with an eye-pleasing look and has 3 different flashlight modes (solid light, blinking light, and SOS) and several sound effects such as the Batman theme. You can turn off the light using voice recognition or by simply blowing on your screen, and Live Tile support puts the flashlight easily in use.

Who it’s perfect for: anyone looking for a cool flashlight

Ultimate Torch


MS-DOS Mobile

What is it: MS-DOS for mobile

Why we love it: Sure, this might have been an epic April Fool’s prank (or was it?), but the app itself is still interesting, fun to use, and well-made. Get a huge dose of nostalgia while getting things done using the familiar DOS interface, such as make calls, browse “cyberspace”, launch a camera with CGA and ASCII modes, and play Rock Paper Scissors. It’s packed with plenty of other Easter Eggs, so we’ll let you have fun discovering them on your own.

Who it’s perfect for: anyone with fond memories of MS-DOS

What do you think of this week’s 5 favorite new Windows Phone apps? Let us know in the comments below, or tell us about your own discovery.