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April 6, 2015

A knockout punch: Indian tech bloggers review the Lumia 532

A handful of tech bloggers in India got a close-up look at the new Lumia 532 and compared it with the competition. Let’s see their video reviews.

Never compromise box

Some bloggers in India recently received a black box from Microsoft containing a Lumia 532 and a miniature-boxing ring. It was a quirky and offbeat invite to review the new affordable Lumia with other smartphones in the same price range.

Before we head to the bloggers’ video reviews, get the lowdown on the Lumia 532 by checking out our recent stories here and here as well as this photo gallery.

Now, here’s a sampling of the tech bloggers’ boxing matches comparing the Lumia 532 with the other devices.

Abhishek Bhatnagar from GadgetsToUse set the agenda, giving five reasons why, in his opinion, the Lumia 532 performs better than “most low-cost Android phones.”


Abhishek praised the Lumia 532’s capabilities, saying, “Multitasking is handled much effectively on Windows Phone than the Android phone.”

His final score between the Lumia 532 and the competition: 4-1.

Rohit Khurana from Intellect Digest did a similar hands-on session in his video review, “Knockout with Lumia – Microsoft Lumia 532 VS Android Face-Off #NeverCompromise.”


Rohit concluded that the Lumia 532 should be an obvious choice for people who need to perform simple, everyday tasks effortlessly on their phones.

“A quick comparison of three simple tasks that a person would normally do, such as checking unread notifications, unlocking the phone and searching for a website on the Internet … found that the Lumia 532 does a better job at performing these usual tasks,” he said, adding, “It does the job faster than comparatively priced android-based smartphones.

Rohit scored the bout this way: 3 points to the Lumia 532 and 0 for the competition device.

Akshay Aggarwal from Gadget Diary recorded a series of knockouts with the Lumia 532 and competitor phones. You can probably guess who the winner was in those match-ups.


Akshay shared how the Lumia 532 helps you to “never compromise” and gave five reasons to pick the Lumia 532 over another device:

  1. Great build quality

  2. Great hardware, including Snapdragon quad-core processor and 1 GB of RAM

  3. Powerful battery

  4. Great offers* and deals

  5. Windows Phone 8.1 and is Windows 10 ready


His score: Lumia 532 scored five points and beat the competition device 5-0.

What do you think of the Lumia 532? Have you performed a Lumia knockout yet?

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Lumia 532