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April 8, 2015

Battle on! 5 strategy games guaranteed to bring out your inner general

Epic battles, tough decisions, crafty tactics — strategy games are popular for many reasons, but we love them simply because they’re just so fun to play.

A good strategy game can come in a variety of different flavors, but what they all have in common is the ability to make you anxiously bite your nails while trying to decide what your next move will be. Smartphones are perfect for delving into a good action-packed strategy game, as you can play when and where you want, letting you defeat armies as you ride the bus and take down empires while waiting in line at the shop. We’ve rounded up five of the best Windows Phone strategy games for your Lumia that are a surefire way to bring out your inner general, one calculated step at a time.

1941 Frozen Front by Handy Games

HandyGames™ is one of the world’s leading international developers and publishers of  high-quality games. Founded way back in 2000 it prides itself on creating entertaining mobile games – from gamers for gamers.

1941 Frozen Front is a turn-based strategy game taking place at the Eastern Front of World War II, in which you choose to play as either German or Soviet units. As Commander of your troops, you need to choose the best tactical warfare to defeat the other side, using tanks, infantry, and bomber wings. The hex-based game has plenty of campaigns, missions, and multiplayer battles, and is free to play. 1941 Frozen Front was developed by Handy Games, who have been creating mobile games since 2000.

1941 Frozen Front


Pocket Tanks by Blitwise Productions

Blitwise Productions was founded by Michael P. Welch, a developer whose main passion in life is writing games.  A coder for 25 years, Michael prefers “simple games that hook you quickly, and you never need to read the manual.I like fast frame rates, bright colors, euro demo effects, simple yet addictive gameplay.”

If you like fast-paced artillery games, Pocket Tanks is the game for you. Around since 2001, with the Windows Phone game released last year so that we can destroy opponents any time, any place. The free version offers 40 weapons to choose from, such as napalm and dirt movers, and your goal is simple — destroy your opponents by launching weapons across the battlefield. You can play in real-time on a local network or battle it out in turn-based play. The deluxe version of Pocket Tanks upgrades your weapon cache to 140 in total.

Pocket Tanks


Hadron Wars by Necolt

Based in Lithuania, Necolt is a company with a wide range of expertise. They specialize in outsourced custom software development from architecture, design, coding and testing to releasing and maintenance.

Set in a “post-apocalyptic future of Machiavellian warfare,” Hadron Wars is a free MMORTS game developed by Necolt that can keep you endlessly entertained as you and your army battle against opponents within a vast world. Tactical combat and intuitive gameplay make it fun and easy to pick up, and a dozen types of artillery and infantry units plus 15 types of structures for your base (including Hadron Colliders) give you plenty of options to play in your own style. Play against others or opt for the Single Player Campaign, it’s up to you how to achieve victory.

Hadron Wars


Monster Castle by SC Mobile

SC Mobile ( Sugarcane Mobile ) focus its expertise on game publishing, promoting and localizing. They work with game developers all over the world and pride themselves on the impressive gaming experience, which has been enjoyed out by tens of millions of gamers across the globe.

Monster Castle is a free strategy game with a bit of an anti-hero twist. Rather than playing as the goody two-shoes hero, you play as an exiled chief of monsters, building and defending your stronghold against the human invaders (with the help of your monster refugees, of course). It’s a strategic tower defense social game, and is good choice if you enjoy empire-building games. Monster Castle recently received quite a few new updates, such as a new shop for buying all of the resources your chief might need.

Monster Castle


DSF: Galaxy War by SC Mobile

Deep Space Fleet: Galaxy War, another SC Mobile creation, is a MMORTS game in which you build a space station, gather (or rather, plunder) resources for ships, and take over planets. It has an interesting storyline and a vast universe to explore, as well as alliances to join or defeat. DSF:Galaxy War is free and a great option for those looking for builder games that take place in space.

DSF- Galaxy War


What do you think of these five awesome strategy games guaranteed to get your brain working on taking over the universe? Does your inner general approve? Let us know in the comments below.