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April 9, 2015

Let Cortana be your movie concierge

If you want to catch a new movie this weekend but aren’t sure what to see, turn on Cortana to give you personal recommendations.

Cortana, your personal virtual assistant,* is learning new skills all the time. One of them is finding and recommending new movies that you may like.


Between Thursday and Sunday, based on your search behavior, Cortana will show you a customized list of films and their show times at nearby movie theaters.

Set up movie recommendations with Cortana

It’s easy to set up Cortana to be your film concierge.

Go to Cortana, head over to her notebook (upper right-hand corner of your Lumia screen), tap “interests,” and tap the + button. Then, choose “movies” and tap  “showtimes + trailers.”

That’s it! In the next few days, Cortana will handpick films for you.

Once Cortana gives her movie recommendations, you can tap on a movie to get more information, such as synopsis, reviews, and cast list.

If a movie piques your interest, tap a showtime and you can buy tickets with one click. Be sure to invite your friends!

Cortana will also show you movie trailers. Tap on the trailer image and your Lumia will open YouTube so you can watch the short video preview. If you’d rather not be notified, just tap “Hide trailer recommendations.”

For more info, head to this Bing Blog post, which adds, “The more you engage with Cortana on these recommendations, the better the movie suggestions get over time.”

*Cortana is available in select countries with Windows Phone 8.1.