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April 13, 2015

Are you a top chef? Run a restaurant with these games on your Lumia

Have you always wanted to run your own restaurant? Try your hand with these fun restaurant-management games for Windows Phone.

Cook a variety of dishes from all over the world and become an expert chef and restaurant tycoon with these Windows Phone games.

rest island

Restaurant Island (free) 

Restore Restaurant Island to its former glory and build more restaurants to keep your customers happy and to increase sales.

Discover new dishes, select your menus, decorate your diner and manage kitchen staff as you master the tricks of the game. The idea is to expand your diner into a five-star restaurant as you cook some of the world’s most delicious cuisines for your patrons.

Tip: Watch out for the little mouse hidden in the restaurants, cafes and bakery store to unlock extra recipes.

Happy Chef 2 (free)

Become an expert in the art of cooking in the Happy Chef 2 game. In the beginning, you cook pizza and pasta in Italy and learn to keep your customers satisfied.

Make ice cream, brownies, pancakes, potato chips and exquisite French dishes as you clear levels in an engaging gameplay. Don’t keep your customers waiting by getting bogged down by simultaneous orders. Add table, gramophone and other decorative items to engage customers as they wait for their food.

happy chef

Master your restaurant and prepare to become a world-famous chef before you get to cook in the U.S. and Hawaii, China and France.

Stand O’Food® 3 ($4.99) 


Help Ronnie the Chef serve the best burgers as his Stand O’Food chain debuts in Tinseltown. There are more than 25 restaurants under his management, offering various food choices that now need your help.


Top your burgers with french fries, soda, ice cream or coffee and experiment with more than 18 sauces to dish out exotic dishes to your customers. There are 90 recipes to try out before you achieve the “expert status” tag.

Pastry Paradise (free)

Join Chef Hannah as she battles Mr. Moelleux from filling the world with cheap mud cakes and canned custard in Pastry Paradise.. The recipe for victory is to swap pastries diagonally and win these chef bake-offs.

There are also powerful boosters that can freeze time, whisk the board and give you more power. Ask your friends for help and travel across the world to bake in delectable places such as Gingerbread Gardens, Wafer Woods, and Mt. Mudcake.

Have you played any of these games before? Share with us if you know of other restaurant-management games.