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April 13, 2015

Create poetry with Lumia, the pocket poet

Celebrate National Poetry Month with apps that let your Lumia create original poems just for you.

April is National Poetry Month in the United States. For those of us who don’t know Emily Dickinson from Edgar Allen Poe, we depend on the experts to deliver flowery prose.

Does that include your Lumia phone? We rounded up a few Windows Phone apps that can turn your smartphone into a rhythmic linguist.



IPoet – Put some spark back in your relationship by sending your significant other a love poem. Just enter their name, gender, and primary and secondary attributes, and the free app for Windows 7.5 and up will handcraft a romantic gesture for you. Quality may vary, though; check out this not-weird-at-all love poem I created for my Lumia 1520:


To Lumia,

Whatever you take on in life, I know you will succeed you know how to win from beginning to and truly, a woman of excellence.

You are a winner in every way.

You’ve learned there’s fulfillment in lending a hand, you are a helper lending your support to others as they do what they must do.

You are a gentle, giving person contributing so much.


Poetry Robot – Need an epic-sounding poem on the spot? This free app for Windows Phone 7 and up uses a random combination of words and phrases to create unique poetry. Just hit the refresh button and this free app will keep spitting out gems like the following:

We are splintering below the sky

I create sticky impressions upon the summer

No! The Fool keeps going

Quite jolly near the flock

I extort rabid monsters opposite the water

Repent! The moon is fleeing

Quite sparkling besides the clouds

We transform dank keys underneath the sky

No! The lust is born

Haiku Generator


Haiku Generator – Bliss out to a continual stream of haikus generated by Haiku Generator’s proprietary, semi-intelligent word-selection system. The Windows 8.1 app is free to try and the ad-free paid version is available for $1.29. Here’s a sample:



Snakes glow by moonbeam,

nightfalls sing below forests;

the cloudy diamond


Digital Poetry – This free app (Windows Phone 8 and up) generates short, sometimes nonsensical poems that you can instantly share via email, SMS, or social networks. One of my favorites is the following:

Where is the sunny buccaneer?

The naughty crown holds the lord.

Foolish, sensible rats often bless a charming, friendly chateau.

Geez, Peace!

What are the best poems Lumia created for you? What rhymes with Lumia? Be sure to let us know!