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April 15, 2015

Kinect, Surface, Lumia and art @FuoriSalone2015

Designers arrive in Milan this week to showcase their creations at this annual design event. Microsoft is there, digitally synthesizing the human form.

At Microsoft’s stage during the event, adventurous participants are encouraged to stand in front of a Kinect sensor and simply move.


Wave your hands in the air. Jump up and down. Do your best robot dance. Whatever you choose, Kinect will watch your every move and, with help from Sergio Pappalettera–a visual artist with decades of experience–turn your body into a digital work of art.

“This is a wonderful project combining space and time. We’re taking the human body and using it as a canvas to produce artwork that’s individual and new,” Sergio said.

“With the help of this technology we can transform the body so that it’s not recognizable as we normally perceive it. We can design it to tell a new story of the human body.”


Behind the scenes, Sergio used a Surface Pro 3 to generate his digital manipulations.

To make it easier for people to get on their feet and loosen up, musicians will be using Surface devices to create and play contemporary music as you dance.


The cube-shaped dance platform features modular screens that project the digitized human form of whoever is standing in front of them, making it easier for you to fine-tune your dance moves.


For onlookers, the mini clips will also be reproduced on Lumia smartphones exhibited at the venue.

The Salone del Mobile and FuoriSalone 2015 runs from April 14 to April 19, and you’ll find Microsoft’s installation at the corner of Tortona and Bergognone (map below). If you’re attending, be sure to digitize yourself over at our stand.