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April 19, 2015

Our 5 favourite new Windows Phone apps of the week

We’re always on the look out for first-rate apps in the Windows Phone Store, and this week we found 5 fantastic new additions to add to your list of favorites.

What did we dig up? Well, we’ve got you covered if you’re looking for a good game to play while waiting out the April showers or an app that can help you get in shape for summer. Read on to find out which apps made the list, and be sure to give the ones that catch your eye a try.

Timelapse Studio

What is it: a time-lapse app

Why we love it: Timelapse Studio not only lets you create cool time-lapse sequences, but you can encode those sequences to MP4 videos on your phone as well. The app is easy to use and offers a number of features that let you control how your time-lapse comes out, such as focus, exposure compensation, white balance and more. You can trim the ends of the video, set a delayed start time, specify a capture completion point (like number of slides or timer), and even choose from a nice selection of filters.

Who it’s perfect for: creative Lumia lovers

Timelapse Studio


What is it: a client app for Snapchat’s Discover

Why we love it: While not a client for Snapchat itself (sorry, guys), 6discover lets you explore Discover, a story service from Snapchat with a fresh look aimed at creatives. With stories from places such as MTV and National Geographic, you can catch up on news and more with a story list that refreshes every 24 hours. The app itself is easy and clean, and was developed by Rudy Huyn — so you know it’s worth the download.

Who it’s perfect for: news and story readers


Halo: Spartan Strike

What is it: a top-down shooter

Why we love it: Halo fans have been waiting for Spartan Strike and it’s finally here. The new game in the Halo universe takes place during Halo 2, sending you on 30 missions through jungles and cities as you battle the forces of evil. Halo: Spartan Strike costs $5.99 and offers leaderboards, achievements, weekly challenges, and more for Windows Phone users.

Who it’s perfect for: Halo fans and gamers

Halo- Spartan Strike


What is it: a social app for finding fitness partners and teammates

Why we love it: Truppr is a great free app for getting in shape and motivating yourself to get moving by finding people to play sports with. Want to organize a game of soccer? You can list your event, specify the available number of open team member slots, and share with your friends online. You can also search for events in your area and join in on the fun.

Who it’s perfect for: fitness fans


State Bank Anywhere

What is it: official app for the State Bank of India

Why we love it: Many of our community members are from India and they might be pleased to hear that the country’s largest bank has released an app for its services, making banking easier than ever. The app offers all of the usual banking app features such as transfers, payments, account overview, mobile top-up and more.

Who it’s perfect for: SBI customers

State Bank ANywhere

Which of these 5 Windows Phone apps will make it to your Lumia first? Let us know in the comments below, or share one of your appy discoveries from this week.

Image credit: Christopher Sessums