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April 21, 2015

Start your engines! 5 racing games to get your adrenaline pumping

Do you have a need for speed? Put the pedal to the metal with these five Windows Phone racing games that are sure to get your engine revving.

There’s no short supply of adrenaline-inducing racing games available in the Windows Phone Store, each of which is sure to get your heart pounding with crazy speed, tight tracks, and slick racers. We’ve rounded up 5 games that have a new take on classic racing that we think you’ll love. So grab your Lumia, buckle up, and start your engines – we’re about to take off.

Tank Storm

Tank Storm, developed by Yuxi Black Rhino Technology, is a bit different compared to other racing games. Because hugging curves in an aerodynamic auto would be too easy, you drive something a little more difficult to maneuver — a tank. With 3D graphics, you race along the roads destroying both obstacles and enemies. A special “sprint” option speeds things up even more, and don’t forget that your racing tank has a cannon.

Tank Storm


Hover Cabs

We might not have hover cars in real life just yet, but you can still live the dream by playing Hover Cabs. In this interesting version of a racing game, you’re a Hover Cab driver working for the Space Security Agency, tasked with helping secret agents reach their destinations on time. In this futuristic race against the clock game by Thousand Gears, you can play in four different worlds or beat your friends in multiplayer mode — just be careful to avoid the obstacles and not run out of gas.

Hover Cab


Old School Racer 2

There are tons of features in this action-packed game by Riddlersoft Games. Choose from a variety of vehicles (such as dirt bikes and buggies) and race your way through 40 unique levels, taking on the twists and turns in either single or multiplayer mode. You can improve your vehicles, find hidden notes for rewards, and level up indefinitely with the uncapped leveling system. Additional features like morphing, which randomly changes the world to either help or hinder, make Old School Racer 2 thrilling to play.

Old School Racer 2


OverVolt: Crazy Slot Cars

For a dash of nostalgia, give OverVolt: Crazy Slot Cars by Interactive Project a try. In this game you race miniature customizable cars in either single or multiplayer mode, challenging both yourself and your friends. With over 30 cars to choose from, as well as super-charged power ups like Nitro, there are plenty of different combinations to play around with. Once you create and race a car that you love, you can share it with your friends.

Overvolt - crazy slot cars


High on Fuel

High on Fuel, developed by Ironjaw Studios, is an exhilarating game taking place on the streets of Trip Island, with 60 tracks to get your adrenaline pumping. You start with a stock car and upgrade with perks such as stickier tires or better suspension until you’re ruling the streets with your speedy creation. Take on players around the world in multiplayer and become the fastest of them all.

High on Fuel


Did these five racing games get your adrenaline pumping? Let us know what you think of these in the comments below, or share one of your own favorite racing games.