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April 21, 2015

How to recycle your old smartphone

Wednesday is the 45th anniversary of Earth Day. Here are tips on how to responsibly dispose of your retired Lumia device.

Did you know that your Lumia phone is 100-percent recyclable?

Earth Day is an annual reminder to be more environmentally responsible and lower your negative impact on the world. We’re proud to say that 100 percent of the materials in every Lumia mobile device can be recovered and used to make new products or generate energy.

According to a recent study by Microsoft, only 9 percent of people recycle their old phones, though. Most end up in the junk drawer.

Are you ready to let go of your old friend? Earth Day is the perfect time to do it.


Back up and recycle

The first step is to say goodbye. If friends or family can’t use your retired Lumia, then back it up and recycle.

To back up your Windows Phone 8 or 8.1, use the Backup feature in Settings to put your stuff on the cloud. You can also use OneDrive to sync files with your computer.

If all else fails, you can always put everything on a memory card. Check here for instructions on how to back up data if you have an older Lumia or Nokia phone.

Once you’re done backing up, Reset your phone to wipe its contents. In Windows 8 and 8.1, the Reset function is found in Settings under About.

Next, remove the old SIM card and gather any unwanted chargers, accessories, and batteries.

Once you’ve gotten everything together, it’s time to find your nearest recycling point.  Most carrier retail stores will recycle your used phone for you and many prominent retailers will as well.

Some carriers will even offer cash or credit for your old device. Here are some examples in the U.S. If you live in the UK, India or another country, check whether your carrier offers a similar deal.

AT&T – Its buyback program offers up to $150 or more for each device.

T-Mobile – Trade-in your current device, switch to T-Mobile, and the company will give you credit and cover your switching costs.

Sprint – The carrier will give up to $300 in account credit for eligible devices.

Verizon – Recycle your device with Verizon to receive a Verizon Wireless Virtual Gift Card or a credit applied to your wireless account. The amount can also be donated to HopeLine, a program that provides support to victims and survivors of domestic violence.

For more information on how to recycle an old electronic device in the U.S., visit the EPA’s website on where to donate or recycle.

How will Lumia help you go green this Earth Day? Tell us in the comments below.