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April 22, 2015

Kavya D’Souza makes a fashion statement with the Lumia 640 XL

Fashion writer, blogger and a self-taught stylist from India, Kavya D’Souza likes to mix her wardrobe with the colorful shades of her Lumias.

Her blog, StreakHueFall, was just a year old when Kavya said no to a job offer with a leading tech company.

“I wanted to be in fashion and I strongly believed that I could do it,” she said. “I have this philosophy of thoughts becoming things, and at 24, I am opening my first salon and willing to give all it takes to establish myself as a fashion entrepreneur.”

kavya demo

She was one of the first users of the Lumia 640 XL* in India and experienced the smartphone before its launch earlier this month. We caught up with Kavya to get her #achievemore story.

How do you use your Lumia 640 XL day to day?

Kavya: I take a lot of pictures with my Lumia 640 XL and since fashion is so visual, everything from images to videos looks great on its big screen.

In addition, I think OneNote is a brilliant feature as it stores all my thoughts and notes. The voice note feature is great and it helps me when I am interviewing fashion designers. I can type, click photos, take audio bytes and thus don’t feel the need for different devices for all these things.

I have recently moved from my Lumia 1020 to the new Lumia 640 XL and there is a seamless transition between switching phones.

In what ways has it made you more productive?

Kavya: Everything from my to-do’s list is right here [on my Lumia], like managing my fashion blog, replying to e-mails, sourcing outfits or putting together the look for my next styling assignment. I also have to speak to photographers, follow up with the progress of my salon and simultaneously create a balance in personal life.

I like to shop with friends, find the time to spend with my family, take my dog out for walks and so much more. Everything I need to do in a day is on my OneNote list.

What are your favorite Windows Phone apps?


Kavya: First, OneNote is brilliant. Everything on my to-do’s list is right here and you don’t need anything else besides it.

kavya 111

Second, Lumia Moments is fabulous and easy to use. I just hand over my phone to anyone and ask them to tap the camera icon to record a video. This way I am assured of at least one decent photo when I scroll over the frames. I always get photos, be it pets, or at a fashion show or when I am out with friends.

Third, Lumia Creative Studio  is great. I have to post my photos on Instagram on a daily basis where I share with my readers what I am wearing and how I styled it. I have to use it every time, as I need to edit my photos constantly. Its user interface and navigation is so good, that I can’t live without it.

Fourth Instagram, where I am more active as opposed to Facebook. It’s a lot user-friendly and I can immediately reply to my fans and answer their queries.

How does Lumia 640 XL speak style to you? 

Kavya: I think the Lumia 640 XL is the most stylish phone out there, with vibrant back covers that match your personality.

My orange Lumia 640 XL adds the right amount of spark to my outfit and it’s totally me. Secondly, it is so sleek and stylish at the same time, and there are no visible buttons.  It also has a great camera.

Any advice for budding fashion stylists?

Kavya: Don’t be too money-minded in the initial years. Gain experience wherever you get an opening, be it a magazine, film or fashion show as you’ll learn a lot on the job. Be true to yourself and don’t get bogged down by fashion trends, but create your own style.

Thanks, Kavya, for talking to us!

*The Lumia 640 and Lumia 640 XL are now available in India, and will continue a global rollout in the coming months.