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April 23, 2015

Sweet! Cut the Rope 2 launches for free on Windows Phone

Om Nom is back to eat all your candy in this oddball puzzle game sequel.


With more than 400 million downloads of the original Cut the Rope, we fully expected that hungry critter Om Nom would come back for a second helping.

Launching today, Cut the Rope 2 takes Om Nom on another unexpected adventure. The little monster has broken out of his crate again to travel through lush forests, busy cities, junkyards, and underground tunnels, all to get what he craves most–candy!

Sugar rush

Each of Cut the Rope 2’s 168 new levels will challenge you with a perplexing physics-based puzzle. Your job is to land candy in Om Nom’s waiting mouth by cutting ropes with a swipe of your finger.

New to the sequel are the Nommies, seven monster friends who will help you on your journey.  Each of the Nommies has a unique ability. Lick, for example, can stick his tongue to walls and use it as a platform to carry Om Nom or other objects.

Mix things up by customizing Om Nom with different all-new hats. They’re not just fashionable, they also grant in-game bonuses.


A cut above

Cut the Rope 2 has the sort of addictive, just one-more-level gameplay that makes my daily commute seem to whiz by. Best of all, the version for Windows Phone is absolutely free!

Cut the Rope 2 is available globally (except China) and supports Windows Phone 7 and up. Download it here.

Are you ready for more Om Nom? Let us know your favorite puzzle game in the comments below.