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April 24, 2015

Celebrate Solitaire’s 25th anniversary on your Lumia

Solitaire, a timeless and a classic game, turns 25 next month. Celebrate with these Windows Phone games.

Solitaire (also known as Klondike or Patience) is a perfect choice to play in your spare time. If you like an engaging game with simple rules, download these Solitaire-based games for Windows Phone.

Solitaire HD+ ($1.49)

sol hd+

As befitting its name, Solitaire HD+ offers superb graphics, sounds and animations–especially evident when you play it on the 5.7-inch screen of the Lumia 640 XL.

Unlike other solitaire games, Solitaire HD+ has multiple designs for the board and the cards. Move your cards by tapping columns or dragging the cards virtually and choose between “hard” or “always solvable” game modes.

Other choices: You can adjust the game for right-handed or left-handed game play, and you can play one or three-card draw. You can also save a game for later. Alternatively, double tap the screen to end a game.

Our Tip: make use of the “unlimited” smart hints, un-do options, and strategize your moves.

Spider Solitaire HD (free)

spider sol

You need patience to play Spider Solitaire HD as it takes time to remove all cards from the table while also arranging them in descending order. What makes this game stand out are the superior quality of graphics and features such as unlimited hints and no restriction on the number of moves or total time taken to complete a game.

You an also enable or disable auto-card dimming—that’s where the cards you placed in a previous move get blocked until you clear the cards ahead of them. You can also change the design and font size of the cards.

Buy the full version for $1 USD for a larger play area without ads.

Our tip: Turn on the “One-touch auto smart-move” and see the cards fly and line below the highest card on their own.

Game Chest: Solitaire Edition (try before you buy, $2.99 USD)

game chest

This game opens with a treasure chest to reveal its three game versions: Spider Solitaire, Klondike and Tri-Peaks. Before you begin, check the help section to figure how to play and master the game’s various levels.


Unlock achievements to earn rewards in the form of Gamerscore and use the Scrapbook feature to display your Pins. Advance through Game Mastery ranks and earn spins on the Big Wheel and speed up your progress. 

Our tip: Turn on the hints option under the “help” menu.

Solitaire (free)

Play Solitaire with a refreshed design featuring “live cards.” Group the cards in four upper cells, from aces to kings. Build piles of cards alternating red and black colors in sequence, which begin to animate when you place them correctly!

The 3D animated gameplay and matching sound effects make for an engaging card session.

Our tip: See the tutorial before you play the first time and opt for a single draw of cards.

Have you played any of these games before? Share your high score with us in the comments below.