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April 26, 2015

Our 5 favourite new Windows Phone apps of the week

Apps, apps, apps! It’s no secret that we love Windows Phone apps. But what we love even more is being able to share our favorite apps with you every week.

Which new apps have we been loving this week? We’ve rounded up our 5 favorites from the Windows Phone Store and we think you’re going to love them just as much as we do. Read on to find out what they are.


What is it: a podcast app

Why we love it: ChannelWize, made by the developers of the popular Beyondpod on other platforms, gives you free access to thousands of audio and video podcasts from tons of publishers around the world. The app has quite a few handy features, such as the ability to build channels for what you enjoy listening to the most or for listening to during specific activities (for example, “On the way to work”) and you can pin feeds or channels to your Start Screen. Customization options let you control what you download and how you do it, such as scheduling your downloads only when connected to Wi-Fi.

Who it’s perfect for: Podcast fans


Video Upload to Instagram

What is it: an app for uploading video from your phone to Instagram

Why we love it: The description above says it all. Video Upload to Instagram lets you do exactly what its title says, a feature that has been previously unavailable for Instagram users. You can upload video “from your camera roll, from your SD card, OneDrive or from any other file sharing app installed on your phone,” as well as crop and cut your videos before you share. The app costs $1.99, but there is an option to try it before you buy it.

Who it’s perfect for: Instagramers

Video Upload to Instagram


What is it: a gay chat and dating app

Why we love it: Jack’d is a hugely popular gay dating app that has over 5 million users, and it has finally come to Windows Phone. With a layout designed specifically for Windows Phone, Jack’d has tons of features that make it clear why it’s one of the top dating apps on the market, such as Match Finder, Filters, a “Who’s Viewed You” list, public and private photos, messaging, and favorites lists. Best of all, it’s free.

Who it’s perfect for: gay men looking for a social app


City Art Search (update)

What is it: a database of artworks around the world

Why we love it: City Art Search is a great app for finding famous artworks that are nearby, or discovering where a specific piece of art is housed. The database contains over 2,800 famous works of art, and you can search by Art, Artist, Gallery, City and more. You can also create a favorites list, which you can set as a Live Tile or artistic Lock Screen. So what’s new? City Art Search is now a universal app, with your favorites lists syncing across devices. New museums and galleries have also been added, as well as many new artworks.

Who it’s perfect for: Art lovers and travelers

City Art Search

Cut the Rope 2

What is it: a physics-based puzzle game

Why we love it: If you’ve played the original Cut the Rope, you know you’re in for hours of fun with Cut the Rope 2. The candy-hungry Om Nom is back with new characters, challenges, and gameplay elements that will keep your fingers busy as you battle through new missions and adventures. Cut the Rope 2 is free, and you can play alone or against friends, earning medals as you advance through new locations and even secret levels.

Who it’s perfect for: gamers of all types

What do you think of our five favorite Windows Phone apps for the week? Let us know in the comments below, or let us know about your own favorites that have caught your eye.