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April 27, 2015

Accessibility Developer Hub: Making apps accessible

With an estimated one billion people* around the world with a disability, many people are still unable to take full advantage of their smartphone, tablet or PC and the apps on them. Cue the Accessibility Developer Hub.

The Accessibility Developer Hub is a one-stop shop for developers who wish to broaden their audience and help people access content they were never able to access before.


With detailed documentation, resources and coding examples at a click of a button, developers can learn how to develop websites and apps on Windows for a huge untapped market.

These apps will help people with disabilities access content we all take for granted. For example, not being able to read the text within an app will mean the difference between being able to log in or not.


Configuring your app for high contrast–with relative ease via the Accessibility Hub–could potentially make it more readable for millions of people around the world.

A magnifier option could mean that people could zoom in to see more detail and an audio narration option could add further assistance.

While the Accessibility Developer Hub is a great place to read documents and ebooks, the library of videos is also helpful for those who prefer a more visual approach to learning.

And don’t forget the community! There are thousands of like-minded developers that you can reach out to for extra support.

Developers, head over to the Accessibility Developer Hub now and make a difference to more than one billion people around the world.

Are you making your Windows apps accessible? Share your apps and stories with us below.

* Disability and health research – WHO