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April 27, 2015

Set your fitness goals with the latest update for MiCoach train & run

Stay motivated in your fitness routine with Adidas’ personal trainer app for Windows Phone.

Merely stating that you’ll exercise is easy. Actually doing it is the catch.

Instead of paying for a personal trainer to meet your fitness goals, wouldn’t it be great if there were an app for Lumia that helps you set weekly training targets?

Oh, wait–there is!


In the latest update for Adidas’ free miCoach train & run fitness app, the high-tech trainer has been recently upgraded so you can set weekly training goals as well as long-range training plans.

For example, the suggested Level 1 goal is to move 14 miles and burn 2,271 kilocalories over a week. In subsequent weeks, you can ramp up the intensity to improve endurance.

When paired with an Adidas Heart Rate Monitor Sensor or Fit Smart device, miCoach train & run will also track your heart rate on every workout, which counts towards your weekly goal.


During my own training sessions with miCoach, the app asked me to take a 12-minute fitness-assessment workout, ranging from simple walking to a brisk run. After that, we set a weekly goal of 30 miles a week. (I’m a glutton for punishment!)

One of miCoach’s built-in audio coaches (in this case, American soccer player Omar Gonzalez) guided me through the steps, giving gentle encouragement. Weekly goals are range in intensity to accommodate any fitness level and can be adjusted by increasing or decreasing the time and distance in each category of activity.

Favorite workouts can be pinned to your Lumia’s Start Screen for fast access and you can share runs on your favorite social network such as Facebook and Twitter. You can also just email them to friends. Runs can also be scheduled directly from the app to your Lumia’s calendar.

MiCoach train & run can be downloaded for free here. Be sure to also check out our article on how to turn your Lumia into a personal trainer.

How has Lumia helped you get fit? Tell us in the comments below.