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April 28, 2015

Be a checkpoint champion with these car games for your Lumia

Buckle up; it’s time to burn rubber. Test your reflexes with these highly addictive driving and traffic-management games.

Get behind the wheel, clear checkpoints, manage traffic and deliver cargo with these Windows Phones games for your Lumia.

Checkpoint Champion (free)

checkpoint champion

Satisfy your need for speed with 72 unique challenges in multiple terrain and arenas. Put your driving skills to the test: Battle a series of monstrous 10-second challenges and prove that you have the dexterity to blaze through checkpoints on dirt, water, grass and mud.

Choose from various retro cars that can be maneuvered with simple 2-touch car controls!

Delivery Simulator (free)


Learn to drive trucks like a pro: Deliver cargo and do other tasks in Delivery Simulator. Don’t worry if your vehicle is damaged as it can be easily repaired in “free drive mode.”

Choose between “Accelerometer,” “Button” and “Steering Wheel” controls to drive your trucks. You can also rotate a vehicle’s interior camera and zoom in further. The gameplay offers realistic controls and superb graphics.

Parking Frenzy (free)

parking frenzy

Master your navigation and precision as you park your car without bumping into the curb. Test your skills with 11 cars and play more than 150 levels in different types of weather and season: fog, storm, winter and autumn.

Unlike other car-parking games, Parking Frenzy offers realistic tilt and touch controls, which seem easy but are tricky to control.

Bad Traffic (free)

bad traffic

Don’t we all wish to circumvent chaotic road conditions and control our cities’ crazy traffic? In Bad Traffic, you can do both. Manage 14 cities and clear increasingly difficult levels to discover the different type of cars like, racing, vintage and vehicles with special power. You only have a nanosecond to rescue or destroy vehicles, so decide quickly as the fate of the road is in your hands.

Have you played any of these games before? What is your favorite car-based game?