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April 29, 2015

Adopt a virtual pet on Lumia

Tiny furry companions can live inside your Windows Phone. Here’s how to find, train, and play with them.

Studies have shown that pet ownership may improve a person’s health.

“A pet may become a stimulus for exercise, reduce anxiety, and provide an external focus of attention,” according to a recent article in the Journal of Holistic Nursing.

But even the proudest pet custodians can’t take their four-legged friends with them everywhere. But with your Lumia, you can do the next best thing.

The Windows Phone Store has several apps that allow you to “adopt” a digital pet and interact with them in fun and interesting ways.

Here are our top picks available on Windows Phone for free:

Kinectimals Unleashed

Choose from more than 85 furry friends to play with and care for, from multiple dog breeds to a Bengal tiger.

Play games like beach volleyball and flying disc to entertain your new pal, or make up your own activities using hundreds of toys and collectibles.

Who should adopt: Both kids and adults



Wildagotchi: Virtual Pet

This retro throwback is a Tamagotchi-style game with very simple, 8-bit pixel graphics.

Care for up to 12 adorable baby pets, including a gorilla, wolf, and panda, by pressing the appropriate buttons to make sure they’re well fed, cleaned, and rested. As your pups reach adulthood, you’ll unlock more animal types to adopt.

Who should adopt: Children of the ‘90s


Talking Ginger

Pet, poke, and talk to an adorable orange kitten in this interactive simulation game for young children. Get Ginger ready for bed by brushing his teeth, giving him a shower, and blow-drying his fur.

As in the following “talking” games, the highlight of Talking Ginger is that he’ll repeat anything you say to him in a high squeaky voice.

Who should adopt: Tiny tykes


My Talking Angela


Adopt Angela as a cute kitten and she’ll grow into a stylish city cat in this virtual pet app. Talk to her and she’ll repeat what you say!

Similar to Ginger, you can get Angela ready for bed by giving her a bath and brushing her teeth, but there’s more emphasis on playing dress-up with a personalized wardrobe of fancy outfits and accessories.

Who should adopt: Pre-teens

Talking Tom Cat 2BODY_TalkingTom2

With less focus on education and more emphasis on pranks and fun than the previous two listed “talking” games, Talking Tom Cat 2 skews slightly older.

Tom Cat is a skittish kitty that is easily scared by exploding bags and pillow smashes. Earn gold coins by guiding Tom through a side-scrolling platform game to purchase clothing and accessories to customize his look. How about Cowboy Tom or Pirate Tom?

Who should adopt: Mischievous adolescents

Is there room in your life for a virtual pet? Tell us which one you’ve adopted in the comments below.