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April 29, 2015

BUILD 2015: The experience of Windows 10 and our love for all code

Build, the annual developer conference of Microsoft being held today through May 2 in San Francisco, showcases how Microsoft will embrace developers to make Windows 10 the most attractive development platform ever.


You can read more about key Windows 10 announcements and innovations from Terry Myerson, executive vice president, operating systems, on the Blogging Windows blog here.

Myerson shared Microsoft’s bold goal to see Windows 10 on one billion devices within two to three years of Windows 10’s availability.

New features and innovations for Windows 10 were also showcased, including Microsoft Edge, our new browser built for doing, with built-in note-taking and sharing as well as integration with Cortana.

In addition, we introduced Continuum for phones. It’s a new capability enabled by Windows 10 that lets you use your smartphone like a PC.


And lastly, we spoke about our love for all code and of the new opportunities for developers to bring apps to the Windows ecosystem. In the near future, you’ll have access to even more outstanding and unique apps and games and a more secure, fresh and productive Windows experience overall.

If you missed the Build keynote and would love to learn more about the Windows 10 experience, tune in below:

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