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April 29, 2015

10 cleverest Lumia shots of the month

Microsoft’s Lumia smartphones are capable of helping everyone become a better photographer. Here are some fine examples using Color Pop, Lumia Refocus and more.

We’ve trawled the Net this month to bring you images that show people from all walks of life using the lenses on their Lumia smartphones in different or interesting ways.


It’s possible to capture various focus points in one photo using the Lumia Refocus app, just as @Denis_Cherkasov has.

While it’s always best to use a subject that doesn’t move so much, this image of the lapping waves offers numerous crystal-clear focuses. Tap the image at different places to interact with it.

I imagine taking a photo of a kite has its fair share of challenges. One gust of wind, and the subject is no longer in the shot.

However, Chinthurajeev‘s timed this right and also added a #ColourPop feature using #CreativeStudio.

No, this isn’t an army of tiny clones on kids’ bikes. It’s a very clever use of a Lumia 1020, or at least we hope it is–by Leonardoeroico.

This creative photo of April leaves by Maciej Fuchs is deceptive.

It looks like three trees towering into the sky between a dense canopy of leaves. However, the trees are a reflection in a puddle, and the canopy is actually the leaves on the floor.

There’s something quite peaceful about staring at an old, decaying wooden boat.

In @rich_may‘s Refocus shot, you can focus in between the ribcage-like wooden beams for some beautiful detail.

Wikipedia informs us that a dragonfly has two compound eyes, but around 20-30 thousand lenses (ommatidia) in them.

If you needed further evidence, akarshjain27‘s macro shot of a magnificent insect leaves us in no doubt. Start counting!

The Lumia 640 is capable of taking some wonderful photographs, such as this close-up of Detkodave‘s eye.

Using props in photography can add an extra layer of interest.

From what would already be a beautiful shot, Awesh Shrivastava has added a crystal ball and focused on the background through that.

Car lovers, you’ll no doubt love the bonnet (hood) ornaments on some cars, such as the Mercedes three-pointed star in this next Refocus.

Focus on the star or look through it to the windscreen: perfect focus, shared by @obi1a.

Salad and vegetables on a plate not only taste fresh, but look even more so– especially when you apply a color pop to the dish, as chintan_p_gohel has.

That rounds up this month’s clever Lumia shots. Have you seen any more from this month, or have you taken any?

Share them with us below and we may feature some of them in next month’s edition.