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Microsoft Band
April 30, 2015

Microsoft Band and developers take the next step in their fitness journey

Today, we’re announcing the full release of the Microsoft Band SDK. Visit, create third party tiles using icons, text, buttons, barcodes and more. Go develop today!


Part of what makes Microsoft Band a great platform and product is the commitment we have made to our developer community by opening our SDK to develop third party apps.

In February, we launched our Software Developer Kit (SDK) Preview, which included access to sensors, the ability to create tiles for the Microsoft Band that sends glanceable notifications, and allows customers to customize their Microsoft Band through color or wallpaper. We’ve seen a great level excitement from developers as they started creating additional applications for Microsoft Band and now we are taking the next step in our journey to support our partners.

With the full SDK, developers will be able to take advantage of added functionality from our February preview launch to unlock the full potential of the Microsoft Band.

Additional functionality includes the ability to:

  • Build apps that support Windows.
  • Create your own custom layouts for pages on third-party tiles using icons, text, buttons, and barcodes for payment options.
  • Receive events and button-click callbacks from the Microsoft Band to your phone app. If you press a button on a page inside your tile, your app would know which button was pressed.
  • Connect to the Band from background tasks.
  • Tap into calorie subscription from the Microsoft Band.

The Microsoft Band SDK supports four platforms including Windows, Windows Phone, Android, and iOS.

The release of the full SDK is just the latest example of how we’re taking steps to enrich the developer experience of the Microsoft Band for developers and customers alike. To find out additional information or to download sample code visit

Zulfi Alam is the general manager of Microsoft’s personal devices division.