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Why did the chicken cross the road? To bring you this addictive arcade game!


Like the amphibious hero of the classic arcade hit “Frogger,” the animals in “Crossy Road” have just one objective: to reach their destination alive and well.

Just released, this free addictive game for Windows Phone 8.1 from independent developer Hipster Whale plays like the spiritual successor of “Frogger.” By swiping your finger up and down or right and left, you’ll guide your critter through numerous deadly thoroughfares such as busy highways, train tracks, and rivers.

Starting as a chicken, you’ll collect custom-made characters along the way including bunnies, cats, monsters, and unicorns. Each animal has its own personality and sound effects, and the entire game is rendered in a vibrant 3D block style.


“We tried to make something that appealed to a wide audience,” said Hipster Whale developer Andy Sum. “It’s nice to see people pick up the game and immediately start smiling.”

So far, “Crossy Road” has been a viral hit, attracting more than 50 million players on other platforms. It also won a slew of “best of” awards for 2014, including the Best of 2014 (Mobile) award from CNET and Best 2014 (iPhone and iPad) from The Guardian.

“Crossy Road” is a game without end, so you’ll be playing forever on Lumia … or as long as your finger holds out. It is available globally and supports 12 languages.

Download “Crossy Road” here and start hopping!

Which is your favorite animal friend in “Crossy Road?” Tell us about it in the comments below.