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May 7, 2015

How do IT Professionals love Surface Pro 3? Let’s count the ways…

When it comes to mobile devices, IT Professionals tell us they are always looking for more of everything. More productive, more usable, powerful, portable, versatile and more secure – and of course more fun. It’s a tough combination to get right. But IT Pros around the world are discovering that Surface Pro 3 delivers, and has become their one device of choice that does everything they need it to, but does it better.

We asked a selection of professional IT strategists, consultants and managers why they chose Surface Pro 3 for their own work, for their staff, their customers, and for their families. How do they use it and what gives Surface Pro 3 such a clear edge over alternative devices?

The answers from a couple of our IT Pros are in the linked videos, where you’ll find common threads among their comments that show how Surface Pro uniquely and effectively addresses their current requirements, while introducing entirely new ways of supporting and enhancing work and play.

Alexander is in charge of IT for the city of Bergen in Norway. For him, Surface Pro 3 is “really something that changes the game…it’s beyond anything I’ve actually used before”. He describes Surface Pro 3 as transformative technology that serves all his business and personal requirements in a single device.

Jeff is an Enterprise Strategy consultant who says Surface Pro 3 has freed him from his desk. He runs everything on it; Visual Studio, Management Studio for SQL – he uses his Surface to remotely manage servers and praises Surface Pro 3’s enterprise–class security features. He’s an IT guy and he says he’s passionate about this device. Oh – and he bought three more for his family, too.

So take a look at the videos – visit with Alexander and Jeff while you hear how Surface Pro 3 has become an essential and invaluable part of these IT Pros’ professional and personal lives.


Surface IT Pro Marketing team