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May 11, 2015

Jack Henry & Associates to Deliver Best-in-Class Solution to Mobilize Bank Branches with Surface Pro 3

Back in November, Jack Henry & Associates and Microsoft announced the introduction of the innovative new Branch Anywhere application for Microsoft Windows and Surface Pro 3.  The Branch Anywhere app allows banks to centrally manage all aspects of customer info and allows bank employees to become mobile branch managers who can better meet their clients by safely and securely accessing important customer and account information from any location.  Surface Pro 3 enhances the Branch Anywhere experience by providing employees with a lightweight tablet when they are mobile and a powerful laptop/desktop when they’re at their desk.

The response by financial institutions to the launch of Branch Anywhere has been extremely positive.  Banks like First Florida Integrity Bank and IBERIABANK are already using the new Branch Anywhere app on Surface Pro 3 to give their branch employees the ability to be more productive in more locations by seeing account and activity information quickly and easily. From an IT perspective, Surface easily fits into a bank’s existing processes for supporting computer hardware–saving them considerable time and money

By providing core processing services for more than 11,300 financial institutions, Jack Henry & Associates continues to be a stalwart software provider for financial services.  Jack Henry & Associates provides more than 300 products and services that enable its customers to process financial transactions, automate their businesses, and succeed in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

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Surface has also seen considerable success in the financial services industry, as banks that are looking to transform their branches or provide greater mobility to their employees have gravitated to Surface as their single device solution–leading to savings in device costs and IT management.  More importantly, customers are amazed to learn how much they can do with this lightweight device—whether running all of their desktop apps, administering their security and device management protocols, or using Surface as a full desktop workstation powering multiple monitors, full size keyboard & mouse.

Today’s banks are faced with increasing pressure to differentiate themselves and provide more engaging customer options than their competition.  To achieve this, they require tools that meet these new demands and provide them with unprecedented levels of flexibility and mobility—yet in a powerful and secure manner.  The combination of Jack Henry & Associates’ best-in-class banking software and award-winning Surface mobile hardware help to deliver on that promise.

Now even more value for banks with Surface and Jack Henry & Associates

We are happy today to announce steps between our two organizations that will help us continue to enhance the solution we’re offering for banks looking to mobilize their employees. In an effort to better serve our joint customers in the financial services sector, we’re working closely to make a best-in-class combination of software and hardware available for the financial services market.

“With the recent launch of Jack Henry & Associates’ new Branch Anywhere application, there’s a natural fit with Surface to jointly help customers in the new world of branch transformation,” says Cyril Belikoff, Senior Director—Microsoft Surface.  “Because of its combination of mobility and power, Surface has seen great success with banks that are looking to transform their branches or provide greater mobility to their employees. Customers—many of whom had previously been forced to deploy both iPads and laptops to their users—can achieve everything with a single Surface device. With the recent announcement of the new Surface 3, these financial institutions now have multiple options with Surface to meet their different needs of their varied employees. We believe that our work with JHA truly helps to offer a ‘best of breed’ combination of software and hardware that financial institutions can build around.”

Mark Forbis, chief technology officer at Jack Henry & Associates, said, “This partnership is a pivotal step in helping our customers build the branch of the future, and Branch Anywhere is the perfect tool for that transition. As banks look for ways to transform the branch experience, Surface tablets enable a single device approach that saves banks time and costs as they do not have to deploy and manage separate hardware – one device acts as a full desktop workstation or a secure mobile tool. We are confident that the power and flexibility provided by Surface Pro 3 is a strong fit for the financial services industry.”

Jack Henry & Associates has successfully piloted Surface Pro 3 within its organization and has selected Surface as one of the preferred devices for all Jack Henry employees.  Surface Pro 3’s combination of light weight, high performance, and long battery life in a single package will provide Jack Henry & Associates employees with greater mobility and flexibility in their day-to-day activity.

In addition, the two organizations have partnered with CDW to implement a purchase portal specifically for Jack Henry customers.  Through this program, Jack Henry customers will now have access to a unique online destination through which they will be able to easily acquire Surface devices and also Jack Henry & Associates’ software with special discounts when purchased together.

Ben Weiss, Director of Financial Services Sales with CDW, said, “We see great value for the market resulting from our effort to work closely with Jack Henry & Associates and Microsoft. The customer solution the two organizations can now offer will no doubt enhance the experience of financial services customers. CDW is excited to contribute to this offering by delivering custom solutions to fit each customer’s particular needs.”

Greg Davidson – Senior Manager, Microsoft Surface

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