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May 11, 2015

Lumia World: 10 pro tips for adventuring in Thailand and Laos

If you’re a regular reader you’ll remember Bryce Mcnitt. One of our first Lumia Instagramers, Bryces Lumia tips and tricks were much loved by us all. Well, now he’s back, bigger and better than before.


Why, we hear you cry? Well, to paraphrase a well-known quote, travel maketh the man, and Bryce has just come back from a month-long trip around Thailand and Laos. Armed with his trusty Lumia 1020, he took some stunning photos. But it wasn’t just pics he came back with. He also returned with a ton of adventuring tips too. To find out what they are, read on.

1. Enjoy the sunset.

They never get old, find a nice perch to watch the sun go down and bring a smartphone tripod to enable slightly longer exposures that will help with color saturation. You can also lower the brightness on your Lumia to -0.3 or -0.7 to help with color saturation.


2. Forge your own path.

Northern Laos is a very safe place, and the people are friendly if sometimes a bit shy. You don’t always require a tour company to facilitate your adventure. Strike up a deal with a local fisherman for a private boat ride up a river – and don’t forget your mountain bike… or your Lumia.


3.  Motorcycle. 

There is no greater sense of freedom and adventure than you, a bike, and the open road.  If you don’t feel comfortable on a motorcycle, try a motorbike.  Just remember to drive defensively and don’t push beyond your abilities on busy roads.


4. Follow the trail. 

If you see a dirt path heading down to an uninhabited part of an island, you might as well see what you find at the end of it.


5. Ask locals where the prettiest spots are. 

The tour guides will take you to some beautiful places along with everyone else, but a local might tell you about an amazingly beautiful place you can have to you and your friends.


6. Compose.

Use leading lines to give your pictures a sense of direction and activity. Simple compositional techniques such as this will make your viewers want to step into your pictures.


7. Shoot for your conditions.

If you’re in the northern highlands of SE Asia during burning season, your daytime photos might be a bit hazy, but the smoke does amazing things at sunset, so be prepared.


8. Don’t forget the simple stuff.

If I had time to walk every alley in Bangkok I would. Remember to take a peek down the often forgotten walkways that sneak away from the main thoroughfares.


9. Get on a boat.

If you’re on the islands you should tour around the kharsts and islets, don’t forget to jump in as well. Also, bring a waterproof bag that seals well, the last thing you want to be looking for while snorkeling is your waterlogged Lumia.


10. Relax: You don’t have to go all out all the time.

Adapt your activity level to your environment. If you’re in paradise then take a load off and relax, but be sure to send a picture to your friends back home that might be sitting through an ice storm.


Fantastic photos and fantastic advice, we’re sure you’ll agree. Let us know which tips you found most useful, and which photos you loved best, in the comments below.