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May 13, 2015

On brand: Welcome to Microsoft Priority Reseller Stores

Exciting news! Microsoft has begun the global transition of Nokia-branded stores and Care centers around the world.

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Continuing the branding changes announced last fall, Microsoft recently unveiled in Gurgaon, India, the first ever Microsoft Priority Reseller store in the world. In addition, Brazil also rolled out its first Microsoft Authorized Reseller stores and other countries are following suit.

A new, exciting design

Nokia retail stores will be called Microsoft Authorized Resellers and will showcase a range of Microsoft experiences and products including Lumia, Surface, Xbox and various accessories and services such as Office 365, in those markets that sell them. In addition, general trade or multi-branded stores will be known as Microsoft Mobile Resellers.

The majority of Nokia-branded stores and Care centers around the world will soon reflect the company’s brand promise and feature new branded signage to fresh visual merchandising displays and fixtures. These stores will be part of the Microsoft ecosystem and provide an aesthetic that aligns with our core brand values and encourages engagement and interaction with our products. In addition to India and Brazil, other countries include France, Germany, Italy, Malaysia, Russia, Thailand, and Vietnam.

The move is not just a transition, but a bigger step for the Microsoft brand to grow its retail footprint. For many customers, particularly those in emerging markets, the rebranded stores will be their first experience of Microsoft as a consumer hardware manufacturer.

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“Lumia users will see superb tighter integration and things working in a seamless way. These stores will showcase the great experiences we have between hardware, software and services,” said Chris Weber, corporate vice president for mobile device sales at Microsoft.

“Buyers will see the experience of Skype and multiple hardware across the Windows ecosystem whether it is on phones, PC, tablets or Xbox bringing the whole experience to life and offering them a compelling value proposition.”

A set of key stores will get a complete makeover and will feature a new design as well as new furniture and signage to showcase Lumia smartphones, tablets and services. The stores’ warm and friendly color scheme and unique fixtures give a distinct look while ensuring an improved shopper experience.

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Microsoft committed to existing customers

Microsoft will continue to honor existing Nokia device warranties and will provide world-class customer service. All existing Nokia and Lumia devices will continue to be serviced through Care centers.

Over the coming months, many retail outlets will be refreshed around the world. Check here to find the nearest Microsoft Authorized Reseller near you.