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May 13, 2015

Vote now for the greatest Lumia Instagramer of the Month

It’s that time again, Lumia lovers. That’s right, we need your help with choosing this month’s greatest Lumia Instagramer.

We know it’s a tough job when there are so many fantastic photographers to choose from, so we’ve narrowed it down to five talented Instagramers who know a thing or two about working magic with a lens. Now it’s up to you to decide which of the five will win. Scroll down to take a peek at their work, and be sure to check out each of their Instagrams before making your final decision.

1. evelynn82_

evelynn82_ 1
evelynn82_ 2

2. j___l___s

j___l___s 1
j___l___s 2

3. steffifrischmann

steffifrischmann 2
steffifrischmann 1

4. nikias_ioa 


5. x2ferlete

x2ferlete 2
x2ferlete 1

If you’re loving this month’s candidates as much as we are, follow them on Instagram and then vote for your favorite below. The poll will close two weeks from today. And if you want to be considered for next month’s shortlist, show us what you’ve got by simply tagging your Instagram photos with #Lumia.