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May 14, 2015

Microsoft launches Microsoft Hyperlapse for Windows Phone and other devices

Available today, Microsoft Hyperlapse is a new technology that speeds up and stabilizes first-person videos so you can share your adventures with the world.

One of my favorite hikes is Lake Tahoe’s Rim Trail, which weaves through alpine forests and reaches a peak of 3,151 meters in California’s Sierra Nevada mountain range.

I’ve always wanted to give my faraway friends a real feel for the trail, and now with Microsoft Hyperlapse Mobile, I can.

Using my Lumia smartphone, I can create a video that distills my 12-mile hike up and down a steep trail into a smooth, enjoyable viewing experience that I can share on social media and video sites.

Take a look at how Microsoft Hyperlapse Mobile does that:

Microsoft Hyperlapse technology is built on more than 20 years of research in fields such as image-based rendering and computation, as well as Microsoft’s video stabilization technology. That technology further reduces the jerkiness of many videos taken with a hand-held camera.

In addition to Microsoft Hyperlapse Mobile, professional videographers and serious video enthusiasts can use Microsoft Hyperlapse Pro, a powerful desktop application to turn video from a GoPro or other device into a smooth, stable experience.

A third application, Azure Media Services Hyperlapse, allows developers and media companies to incorporate hyperlapse experiences in their apps or websites.

Get in-depth information about Microsoft Hyperlapse in this Microsoft story and hear directly from several of the Microsoft researchers who helped develop the technology.

The free Microsoft Hyperlapse Mobile app works on a range of Lumia smartphones including the Lumia 635, the Microsoft Lumia 640, the Lumia 830, the Lumia 930, and the Lumia 1520.


Please download the mobile app and let us know in the comments section what you think of it. You can tweet about it using #MSHyperlapse and share hyperlapses on social media. We’ll be on the look out!

Be sure to include a link to your video created with Microsoft Hyperlapse Mobile. We may feature a few of the best videos in a future post!