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May 14, 2015

Snake Rewind: the return of the serpent

Today a familiar reptilian friend makes a comeback: the Nokia Snake. However, the latest reincarnation has it slithering onto our screens in the new game, Snake Rewind.

Created by Rumilus Design and original Snake game creator Taneli Armanto, Snake Rewind is back to take a bite out of the gaming industry.

Much like the original game from 1997, the gameplay is strikingly similar and simple.

Starting with a tiny snakelet, help the snake grow big and strong by navigating it around the screen, collecting food as you go.


Every morsel makes the snake longer, which in turn makes the creature more difficult to navigate around the screen. If you crash into the walls or the long-trailing body, it’s game over for the fork-tongued star.

However, if you do crash, there’s a nifty new way to continue where you left off: Rewind the snake.


This effectively undoes the mistake you made, leaving you with the knowledge that you should’ve made a vital 90-degree turn sooner.

With new fruit types available to eat such as Fruit Magnet, lunch will come to you rather than you having to chase it.

At first glance, it’s visually similar to the original. But on closer inspection, you’ll see subtle effects and shadowing that make it clear it’s been modernized for today’s mobile-gaming market.


Like competition? The new high scores list will show you where you stand against your friends and remind you to up your game if necessary. Or, it’ll be the place you can brag about being the best. Only your snake-swerving skills will decide that.

With several remakes and upgrades of Snake over the years (covered here, here, and here), we look forward to many happy hours playing Snake Rewind.

Are you playing? What’s your score?