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May 15, 2015

How to turn your Lumia into a karaoke machine

Become Lumia’s next singing sensation with these apps and devices.


Karaoke, which is Japanese for “empty orchestra,” first came to prominence in Japan in the 1970s as entertainment for businessmen. Usually performed at bars, patrons sing along to a song with backing instrumentation and vocals while reading the song’s lyrics on a nearby monitor.

Depending on the talents of the singers, the results–often fueled by a mixture of alcohol and camaraderie–can be delightful or cringe-worthy.

Still, even if you can’t carry a tune, karaoke has gained worldwide popularity to unwind and socialize with friends. It can be a good icebreaker, or, if you’re a budding crooner, a way to show off your golden pipes.

With your Lumia phone, you don’t have to brave the stage at your local dive bar or rent an expensive sound system. Whether you want to practice solo or throw a karaoke party in your home, we’ve got a few ideas on how to turn your Lumia into a karaoke machine.


Shazam (free)

The new v4.3 update to Shazam introduces LyricPlay, a feature that shows the lyrics to your favorite songs.

So if you hear a song playing that you like, tap the Shazam button on the app. Your Lumia will discover title and artist information and display the tune’s lyrics in sync with the music.

While it’s not a standalone karaoke solution, Shazam will let you sing along to songs playing at a bar or concert. Better yet, you’ll finally know the real words to often misunderstood lyrics.

Singa (free)

Available in select regions (but not the United States, unfortunately), the Singa karaoke app offers more than 1,500 instrumental songs with lyrics in English, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, and Finnish.

The app even analyzes your performance based on lyric timing, sustained notes, and correct pitch to award a score at the end of each performance.

New songs are added every day and Singa features songs from top artists such as Rihanna, Justin Timberlake, and Taylor Swift. If you’re feeling especially brave, share your performance with the global community of Singa users. The first 30 days are free for new subscribers.

Karaoke One (free)

This free app lets you to purchase individual songs from different genres and then sing along to their backing tracks as lyrics scroll on-screen. A full-time pass for unlimited music is currently available for just $4.99.


Nokia Purity HD Stereo Headset by Monster ($112.41)

Sing out loud with this high-end stereo headset that delivers clear reproduction of low bass and crisp highs with the freedom of a hands-free microphone.

JBL PowerUp Wireless Charging Speaker for Nokia ($299)

Get serious sound with this colorful wireless speaker. Stream music via Bluetooth or tap with a NFC-compatible Lumia to connect and start singing along. The speaker even doubles as a wireless charger for NFC-compatible phones or any wireless charging-enabled device.

Are there other ways Lumia helps you sing? Serenade us in the comments below.