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May 17, 2015

Our 5 favourite new Windows Phone apps of the week

Another week, another first-rate roundup of apps from the Windows Phone Store.

There’s nothing we enjoy more than sifting through the Store and finding oodles of useful and fun apps, interesting games, and updates to favorites. So what did we find this week? Well, read on to find out, but here’s a hint: they’re all fantastic.

Marriott International

What is it: the official app for Marriott hotels

Why we love it: Marriott’s new app not only lets you book reservations with all of their brands, but also helps you out with tasks such as keeping track of your Rewards points and check-in and check-out. The app also has a promising in-app concierge service that lets you make requests during your stay, such as extra towels or valet service. Gone are the days of arguing over who has to ring up the front desk to request the wake-up call!

Who it’s perfect for: travelers


The Unit Converter

What is it: an app for unit conversion

Why we love it: The Unit Converter from MindStick Software has tons of features that can help you with all of your unit conversion needs. It not only offers the usual unit types, such as temperature, length, weight and more, but has quite a few organizational functions that are handy as well. You can save your data, add searchable notes, or create groups that keep your information in one easy-to-access place. The Unit Converter currently costs $0.99, but has an option to try it out for free first. Check out the Store description to see what else it can do, and give it a try.

Who it’s perfect for: anyone into unit conversions, especially large projects with multiple conversions

The Unit Converter

Shazam (update)

What is it: a popular music identifier

Why we love it: The Windows Phone Store had a ton of updated apps this week, but we think you might get a kick out of what Shazam has added to its changelog. You can still identify songs and buy your favorites from Xbox Music, but now you can also impress everyone around you with your lyrical prowess using the app’s new karaoke feature that displays the song’s lyrics in real time. Instead of awkwardly humming over the parts you’ve forgotten, sing it loud and proud. Use this power wisely.

Who it’s perfect for: music lovers and singers


Snake Rewind

What is it: a reboot of the classic game

Why we love it: Developed by Rumilus Design and Taneli Armanto, the original creator of Snake, Snake Rewind is a modern take on the hottest game of the 90s. While it still has the same addictive premise, this new version has added features that bring it into the 21st century such as a supercool rewind function to ease the pain of wall-crashing, new fruit types to devour, new levels, and even a leaderboard for a little healthy competition. Snake Rewind is free and is a great way to get a heady dose of gaming nostalgia.

Who it’s perfect for: old school gaming fans

Snake Rewind

Revenue for DevCenter

What is it: a revenue tracker for DevCenter

Why we love it: This one’s for the fantastic developers who work hard to bring us the apps and games that we love so much. Revenue for DevCenter is a new app from ImaginationOverflow that lets developers keep an eye on earnings, statements and daily revenue reports. You can keep track of various types of information such as current proceeds and payments, and the Live Tile will keep you informed with the latest reserved revenue and daily update.

Who it’s perfect for: Windows Phone developers

Revenue for DevCenter

What did you think of the five apps that we’re loving this week? Let us know in the comments below, and share your own fabulous finds from this week.

Image credit: tanakawho