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May 19, 2015

Useful Windows Phone apps to simplify your life

Utility apps can make your hectic life a little bit easier. Here are some useful must-have apps to help you everyday.

The Windows Phone store features a plethora of apps that help you with everyday tasks, from creating a shopping list to hanging a picture. Here’s a sampling:

readingWindows Reading List

Never miss an interesting online article or a funny video: This app saves stories and multimedia from Internet Explorer and apps so you can view them later.

You can delete articles from your list once you’re done reading them or filter them by categories such as finance and vacation. You can also retrieve an accidentally removed webpage and see your saved lists on all Windows 8.1 devices, not just your phone.

Shopping List 

shoppingOneNote is always there for note-taking and list-making, but this
dedicated shopping-list app stores all your purchases in one place. Its clean user interface and the ease with which you can add multiple items also make the app stand out.

Make customized lists for different shopping needs and check off items as you buy them. There is also an option to save frequently purchased items under “favorites,” and they can be quickly added to your next shopping spree.

Unit Converter

How many ounces are in a ton? Exactly how big is 100 square yards? With Unit Converter, convert values for weight, area, angle, volume, time, speed, temperature and length. There is also an option to save frequently used conversions for quick access. 

World Clock  world clock

If you want to make a transatlantic or transpacific call but don’t know what time it is for the person you’re calling, download World Clock.

Search for favorite cities and see time zones across the world at a glance. Pin the app on your Start screen and stop guessing the time difference between countries!


Keep your world straight with the Level app. Before you decide to hang a photo frame, make sure its level. The app operates in both surface and tube level modes and is easy to calibrate.

What apps do you use to simplify your life? Share them with us in the comments below.