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May 21, 2015

PicHit: buying or selling images on your Lumia

Turn your Lumia into a money-making machine or find legally cleared images for you to use at school, work, or home.

The free PicHit.Me app for Windows Phone is the entryway to an eco-system founded in 2013 by photographers that connects billions of people with a camera with billions of people in need of photos.

What makes PicHit special is that it offers a hyper-personalized imaging service so you can find the exact image you’re looking for without breaking copyright laws.

“Let’s say you’re creating a presentation and need a photo of a dog wearing a builder’s hat with his paw resting on an upturned green bucket,” said Patrick Walsh, PicHit’s Content and Community Officer.

“You’re not going to find that on the usual image banks. We provide you with the images that don’t yet exist. For specific requests, PicHit gives you the option to create Photo Missions for our community, who will then go out and get you the photo you need.


“So, from the perspective of the photo users, this is a real game changer.”

Conversely, if you’re a dab hand with your Lumia camera (although other cameras can participate), the Mission screen is where you’ll find new opportunities to show off your skills and collect some hard-earned cash or appreciation.

“With more than 1.8 billion images being uploaded every single day, we now have a lot of photographers providing a lot of content and not receiving very much in return,” said Patrick.

“We pay 60 percent of the income we receive from photo purchases to the photographers that provide the images that get downloaded and used,” he added.

In addition, PicHit works as a shop window for photographers that have not been invited to exclusive photography clubs, giving amateurs the opportunity to sell the rights to their images and keep 100 percent of the proceeds.

One place you may want to use these images would be on a PowerPoint presentation. Thankfully, PicHit has a presence there, too, thanks to the PicHit.Me plug in.


The next time you’re creating a presentation and need to inject glorious imagery, PicHit can be found under the images option.

Without leaving PowerPoint, you can browse, discover and select all the images you need to make your presentation really shine.

Moreover, the PicHit plug in knows which images you’ll want to include thanks to advanced machine learning and the Microsot Azure platform. It picks out keywords in your presentation and finds relevant content.

Active Missions

Mission: My World, May 18 to June 30

In partnership with Microsoft and Shutterstock, PicHit has created a Mission entitled: My World.

In it, photographers are encouraged to submit images based on their interpretation of “My World.”

With a bounty of prizes to give away, please make your way to the PicHit app to take part today for your chance to win:

More details about the prizes and terms and conditions can be found here.

Mission: Photos of smartphones taking photos, May 8 to June 3

In order to take part in this one, you’ll need more than one camera as the main subject of your image will need to be of a smartphone.

If you’ve captured an interesting shot of a smartphone and it’s selected to be the grand prizewinner, you’ll win:

Each participant will be awarded $1 just for taking part. More details on this competition are here.

Have you joined PicHit yet? How are you using it? For jazzing up PowerPoints, or as part of the image-sharing community?