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May 24, 2015

Our 5 favourite new Windows Phone apps of the week

Hungry for apps? It’s time for this week’s round-up of tasty goodies that are sure to satiate your app-etite.

Terrible puns aside, we think our choices for this week’s 5 favourite new Windows Phone apps are sure to please. We’ve got a little something for your mind, body, and heart that we hope you’ll love just as much we do. Grab your Lumia and read on to find out what they are.

Discovery News

What is it: the official news app for Discovery

Why we love it: Discovery News is a free app that brings you the latest articles, videos, photos that’ll satisfy your curiosity about the world we live in, from categories such as Tech, Humans, and History. The app is beautiful and smooth, and has a number of interesting features like Live Tile support and a “Discovernator” that’ll feed your brain with cool facts.

Who it’s perfect for: science, tech, and history lovers

Discovery News


Perfect Workout

What is it: an exercise app

Why we love it: Perfect Workout is the latest release from Perfect Thumb, who have released a number of popular “Perfect” apps in the past. This free exercise trainer helps you get into shape with one hundred 10-minute animated exercises. Other features include daily reminders, progress tracking with weekly graphs, and more.

Who it’s perfect for: busy people that need a push to start getting in shape

Perfect Workout


Hyperlapse Mobile

What is it: an app to create smooth and stabilized time lapses

Why we love it: We love putting our fantastic cameras to the test, and Hyperlapse is a great way to show off what our Lumias can do. The free app takes a video and compresses it down to a short clip, minus the jerkiness that often comes with a timelapse. Other features include the ability to choose a timelapse speed, import existing video from the phone’s camera roll and hyperlapse it, multiple hyper lapses for one video, and you can even make a selfie-lapse.

Who it’s perfect for: camera lovers, travelers, movie creators




What is it: a fun flashlight app

Why we love it: Still waiting on your acceptance letter from Hogwarts? Bide the time with this simple but fun free flashlight app that will make you feel less muggle and more wizard in seconds. Luminous lets you conjure up the power of your phone’s flashlight by speaking the words “Lumos Maxima” (and some help from Cortana). Magical!

Who it’s perfect for: Harry Potter fans




What is it: a service for crowdsourcing map photos

Why we love it: Mapillary is a free app that lets you submit photos of your surroundings, for example your neighborhood or favorite hiking trail, and then combines them into a street-level view. Photos are automatically matched and combined on the server side, with privacy features like face and license plate blurring. You can also use the app in auto mode as you bike, share your sequences, and embed them anywhere.

Who it’s perfect for: everyone, but hikers and bikers may especially get a kick out of it



Let us know in the comments below what you think of this week’s selection, or tell us all about the apps that have been keeping you happy lately.

Image credit: rene de paula jr