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May 26, 2015

5 reasons why I love PicHit.Me and why you will too

You take spectacular photos with your Lumia, so why not earn a bit of cash with them too? Hannele Sjöqvist is here to tell you how you can do just that with PicHit.Me, and why you’re going to love it as just much as she does.


Hannele Sjöqvist has always been interested in photography, but credits her first Lumia 1020 with sparking her passion for snapping super photos, telling us that “it wasn’t until I bought my first Nokia Lumia 1020 when I started to use the phone as my main camera. I can still remember the strange feeling shortly after I bought it when I packed my hand luggage and for the first time left my Nikon at home.” She began honing her skills by taking part in a variety of groups and challenges, such as Nothing but a Nokia and #nban, daring herself to move out of her comfort zone and push the limits of what she and her Lumia can create together.

These days, Hannele has fallen for a new photo community. PicHit.Me is a place where photographers and publishers can work together to both get what they need. Publishers can find legally cleared images, and photographers can use their talents to provide these images, earning money for their work. It’s a wonderful place for sharing creativity, connecting “billions of people in need of photos with the billions of people with a camera.” Read on to discover why Hannele loves PicHit.Me and why you will too. Over to you, Hannele!

It’s a great place to get inspired.

PicHit.Me is really a fantastic source if you want to see amazing pics and get new ideas. There are pics of all categories and I really mean ALL thanks to the great idea with the missions. And every time you visit PicHit.Me there are so many new amazing pics uploaded to them so… never a dull moment.

WP_20150204_14_03_38_Pro__highres (Large)

Easy and fun to use.

I started as one of the BETA users of their first app for WP in July 2013 and it has been a joy to see how PicHit.Me has grown and developed all the powerful tools that today make it very user friendly. Also the website is great, works like a charm! And the service has also gone cross-platform for iOS and Android devices.

WP_20150209_16_53_01_Pro (Large)

Being a part of the global photo market.

By uploading our photos to the missions we make it possible for people, both corporations and individuals, to use legally cleared images without worrying about the copyrights. We help talented photographers to get paid for their efforts and make the broken photo market to a better place.

WP_20150312_18_25_31_Pro (Large)

Earn money.

And now one of the best reasons to open an account and participate. The chance to earn some money, win prizes, get rewarded, compete and show your photo skills. Right now there is the biggest mission ever going on in partnership with Shutterstock and Microsoft with the great theme: “My World”. With… estimated $10,000 in different kind of awesome prizes! So what are you waiting for? ☺

WP_20150305_15_56_26_Pro~2 (Large)

The community.

It’s a great place to learn more about photography and interact with other members. I really agree with one of the Co-founders Mathias Björkholms words: “Photos have no language barriers”. So well said and by supporting each other we show the right spirit and have fun. Finally I recommend to follow PicHit.Me on all social media, really great accounts!

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Has Hannele inspired you to give PicHit.Me a try? If you’re ready to get the creativity flowing, check out the PicHit.Me website and its Windows Phone app and show the world your skills — just be sure to come back and let us know what you think in the comments below.