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May 26, 2015

Play these “match three” games on your Lumia

Are you looking for entertaining and challenging games to play? Match jewels, fruits, jellies, crystals, balls and clear challenges with these “match three” Windows Phone games.

This sub-genre of puzzle games is fast gaining popularity. In “match three” online games, you must match at least three similar items (jewels, crystals, fruits or others) among many on a screen. You get extra points when your move matches adjacent items and a whole row or column gets destroyed.

Here are some popular “match three” games to play on your Lumia.

Ice Age Avalanche (free)

ice age

Help Sid and other characters from the “Ice Age” movie franchise find missing treasure. Slide fruits in any direction to create horizontal or vertical matches of three or more fruits and earn gold coins.  Use your coins to purchase boosters and other upgrades from the shop.

Tip: Match five fruits to make the ultimate power-up.

Frozen Free Fall (free)

Slide colorful ice crystals to match three or more icy puzzles. This game takes you on an adventure in the Kingdom of Arendelle where you meet Anna and her friends who help you to unlock further puzzles.


Each character uses special powers to burn up rows of crystals. For instance, Anna’s torch can burn up an entire row of crystals, while Elsa’s glacier power-up can make same-colored crystals disappear.

Tip: Use Hans’ sword to splice the crystals and be rewarded with many more power-ups.

Keith, a reviewer of the game gives it five-stars :

“High quality graphics. Smooth gameplay. Highly recommended.”

Jelly Smash (free)

jelly smash

In Jelly Smash, you match similar jellies in sets of three, four and five and explode special jellies diagonally. What makes this game different from others is that you can rewind your last move without losing your progress or score.

The game has 75 levels of jelly-smashing fun, nice graphics, and matching sound effects.

Tip: Watch out for the rainbow jelly.

Here’s a five-star rating from Jamie, a reviewer who played this game:

“❤💖💕💓💗💞 This game… #1 so far.”

AE Jewels (free)

ae jewels

This game tests your reflexes and requires strategizing before you place same-colored jewels in rows of three, four or five. Use power-ups, change the order of jewels and freeze time to progress.

You can play the game in two modes: Action mode, where you need to make the assigned score to clear the level and Timerush mode, where you need to match the maximum falling jewels in a minute. The difficulty level increases as you progress through levels.

Henry gives it a five-star review:

“Downloaded this game yesterday, haven’t stopped playing it since.”

Bubble Shooter Legends – Match 3 Mania (free)


Here’s a bubble-shooting game with a twist. In Bubble Shooter Legends – Match 3 Mania, you pop bubbles by directing them towards the same colored bubbles.

Tip: Watch out for the bouncy bubbles that don’t follow directions.

Here’s Michele’s three-star review:

“There are sometimes its so impossible to even win at this game due to any of the right color ***** coming up to be shot at any other ***** to match a threesome and disappear.”

Have you played any of these games before? What is your favorite “match three” game?