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May 28, 2015

Our favorite Microsoft Hyperlapse videos

Microsoft Hyperlapse Mobile helps you speed up and stabilize first-person videos shot on your Lumia. Here are some fine examples of time lapses made using this technology.

We love your originality. You’ve created and shot some beautiful time-lapse videos with the new Microsoft Hyperlapse Mobile app. (Read more about the app here.)

Now, let’s turn a spotlight on a few of our favorites!

Ryan RC Rea serves us tasty fruity snacks in his Vine video titled, “Fruit gushers + Fruit-by-the-foot =amazeballs.” Great use of the six-second format and Microsoft Hyperlapse Mobile on your Lumia, Ryan.

Hadlee Simons makes full use of the Lumia 930’s PureView imaging feature as he shoots this brilliant take-off at the Gimhae airport in South Korea.


Tafsern and his Lumia 930 bring the majestic slopes of Norway’s Kvitfjell ski resort to life. Nicely done!


amit gatte took his  Lumia 730 out for a spin on the streets and shot this amazing video. Check out the pine trees and high rises zipping past.


adamlamar101 captured a speeding train with his Lumia 930. Perfect timing!


If you’ve shot a video using Microsoft Hyperlapse Mobile on your Lumia, share it with us below. Or, if you’re using social media, tag your video with #MSHyperlapse and we may feature it.