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May 29, 2015

Cortana is a star on the Microsoft Lumia 640

A series of new commercials promoting the launch of the Lumia 640 in the U.S. show how Cortana is the ultimate personal digital assistant.

Now that Cricket Wireless has started selling the Microsoft Lumia 640 in the United States, four new commercials made for the U.S. market have been released online that spotlight Cortana’s capabilities as a personal digital assistant.

The four commercials — titled “Weatherman,” “Birthday Cake,” “Start-Up,” and “Plumber” — offer light-hearted glimpses into what can go wrong when you don’t have Cortana to send you reminders and traffic alerts. While only about 16 seconds each, they make their point with quirky humor that gave us here at Conversations a good chuckle.

In case you haven’t seen them, here they are:

See how Cortana’s proactive weather alerts can save you from a potentially embarrassing situation.


“Birthday Cake”
Cortana on the Lumia 640 makes planning parties a piece of cake. She’ll make sure you don’t forget the essentials like this poor dad did.


You’ll never miss out on an important appointment with Cortana. Don’t let one missed opportunity sink your company before it’s even gotten afloat.


A forgotten reminder can lead to a startling situation. Cortana can remind you to tell your loved one about a scheduled appointment the next time they call or text.


The Microsoft Lumia 640 is currently available at Cricket Wireless for $129.99 in Cricket’s retail stores and online at

Check out the commercials above and let us know which one is your favorite in the comments below. What’s your favorite Cortana feature and why?