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May 29, 2015

8 indisputable reasons why texting at the table is the worst thing ever

Texting at the table is truly an etiquette issue for the modern age.

We all love our Lumias but without a doubt, table texting is one of the most hated modern habits. You’ve probably experienced it—you sit down for a meal with friends or family, and soon everyone is looking down at their laps and the conversation grinds to a halt. But the fact is that most of us are guilty of sneaking in a text message or two every now and then. So, just in case you’re tempted by any one of the huge number of Windows Phone messaging apps, here are eight indisputable reasons why you should put your smartphone away at the table.

1. It can make your table mates uncomfortable

Ever see someone pull out their phone, start texting, hear a ping from the other side of the table, and see both people smiling? Yeah.

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2. Daters hate it

Texting while on a date is often named as the most disliked behavior, even above other bad behavior such as over-drinking and being rude to servers.

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3. It cuts into family time

For many families, dinner is the only chance to catch up with family members.

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4. It can ruin a get-together

It starts with a simple “Hey, check out this video my friend just sent me” followed by someone chiming in with “That reminds of something funny I watched. Search for….” Rinse and repeat.

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5. You aren’t fooling anyone by texting under the table

We can see you.

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6. A break from your smartphone is a good thing

We love our smartphones, and they’re a necessary and wonderful part of daily life. But taking a quick pause to spend time with those around you can help to clear your mind.

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7. You could miss out on a free meal

Have you played the Phone Stack game? Everyone stacks their phones in the middle of the table, and the first person to reach for their phone wins. Their prize is getting to pay for everyone’s meal.

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8. It’s simply rude

Etiquette gurus have all weighed in on the topic, and table texting has joined the ranks of elbows on the table and chewing with your mouth open. Give your friends and family your full attention, they deserve it.

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Do you agree that texting at the table is the worst thing ever? Let us know in the comments what you think, or share a story of your own about table texting exploits down below.

Image credit: Giuseppe Milo