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May 30, 2015

Our 5 favourite new Windows Phone apps of the week

Summer is finally here, and we hope you’ve been busy planning your summer holiday. Take a break from all the excitement (or headaches) and see what the Windows Phone Store has been up to this week.

As usual, the Windows Phone Store just keeps on growing. This week we found lots of wonderful new apps to add to our lists, and even more fabulous updates to our favorites apps. Read on to find out which ones we’ve chosen as our favorites of the week, and who knows — maybe they’ll be the perfect apps to take along on your sunny summer holiday.


What is it: an app to help you quit smoking

Why we love it: Quitting smoking is extremely difficult for many people, and sometimes you need a little extra help to keep you on track. SmartQuit is a smoking cessation program that is said to be clinically proven, available to you on your smartphone. The Lite Version is free and helps you formulate a Quit Plan and become more aware of your urges, while the Full Program can only be accessed with a SmartQuit account. If you’ve been thinking about quitting, now is the time!

Who it’s perfect for: smokers who want to be ex-smokers




What is it: an interesting location-based dating app

Why we love it: The premise of this free dating app is a bit different compared to other dating apps: it’s designed to help you meet people that you’ve crossed paths with and avoid missed connections. When you cross paths in real life, the person will show up on your timeline. If they strike your fancy, you can “like” them. A mutual “like” will result in a match. Happn say they are dedicated to preserving privacy, so your localization info remains invisible and you won’t receive messages from anyone you haven’t “liked.”

Who it’s perfect for: singles who are ready to mingle



Tesco Calling

What is it: an app for cheap international calls and SMS from the UK’s Tesco

Why we love it: Tesco Calling is a great option for people living in the UK who would like to make international calls or send messages without spending a ton of cash. Rates start at 1p with over 200 countries available for calling, and you’ll get £1 free credit when you download the app. Other features include free App to App calls, contact sync, Travel Mode, and Clubcard registration for collecting points. Time to get rid of those old school callings cards!

Who it’s perfect for: UK citizens

Tesco Calling


Surfy (update)

What is it: a popular browser for Windows Phone

Why we love it: Surfy gets lots of love from its users for its easy-to-use tabs, and now the web browser is even more tab-tastic thanks to a recent update that has improved the interface and downloading features. Tabs are larger with the option to be hidden by dragging up and a drop-down tab menu gives more control as you surf. Background downloading has also been improved with Pause and Resume features.

Who it’s perfect for: web surfers who’d like to reduce data usage and use tabs



Overkill 3 (update)

What is it: a challenging shooter game

Why we love it: Overkill 3 is a free game in which you need to stand up for humanity against the oppressive Faction in a grim world. It’s tons of fun with plenty of weapon customizations, exciting environments, and fantastic gameplay. The update brings in leaderboards so that you can compare progress and scores with your friends.

Who it’s perfect for: gamers who like a little competition

overkill 3


Have any of these apps caught your eye? Let us know in the comments below what you think, and tell us about your own new favorites that you’ve discovered in the Windows Phone Store.

Image credit: rene de paula jr